The Ostia Hair Care Collection

The Tony Odisho Ostia Collection is named for the Italian seaside town near Rome where Tony started his career at the age of 12. Tony designed and developed the Ostia Collection based on extensive knowledge as an owner and stylist, and with input from stylists and clients across the country.

Ostia Hair Care Products

Ostia Products are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients to maintain the beauty and health of hair for men and women—in the salon and at home. formulated with gentle, natural ingredients, all Ostia Collection products are free of sulfates, paraben, sodium chloride and alcohol, and made in the USA. Their additional features, such as heat protection and B5 protein, make them great for both natural hair and extensions.

Ostia Clips

Ostia Clips are extremely durable, and stay in place while holding large amounts of hair.

Ostia Brushes

Ostia Brushes are large, round, anti-bacterial brushes featuring snag-free handles. They are constructed of heat resistant material to ensure durability and strength.