5 Tips to Fight Frizz

Wintertime brings a lot of unpleasant things like cold weather, shorter days, and frizzy hair. We can’t make it warmer outside or make the days longer, but we can give you 5 tips to fight frizz this winter! These easy tricks will leave your hair soft and sleek, year-round.

1. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

A lot of big-name shampoos have sulfates because they create the lather that people expect from shampoo. However, sulfates strip hair of its natural oils, making it dry and frizzy. All of Tony Odisho’s shampoos are sulfate-free, so you can’t go wrong with any of them!

2. Always Use Conditioner

Even sulfate-free shampoo can get rid of some your hair’s natural oils, so it’s important to always use conditioner when you wash your hair. Using conditioner will fight frizz and static, leaving hair soft and smooth after washing.

3. Don’t Wash Too Often

Because shampooing your hair removes oils, we also recommend not washing it too often. Or at least skipping shampoo and just using conditioner sometimes. If you wash your hair every day, you should try to stretch it out a little further with Dry Shampoo. Ideally, you should only be washing your hair 2-3 times a week.

4. Use a Mask Every Couple Weeks

The Intense Conditioner serves as a deep conditioning mask when left on for five minutes and can work wonders to fight frizz. Masks like this one lock in moisture and are especially good for colored or chemically treated hair.

5. Use a Serum

Lastly, using a serum is essential if you want to fight frizz. Our Smoothing Serum is made with cosmetic ingredients that are lightweight but effective at smoothing hair and adding a sleek shine.

These 5 tips to fight frizz are a must during the winter months, but they can give you gorgeous, sleek hair no matter what the season! Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks in the comments.

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