15 Minute Holiday Makeover with Tony Odisho Velo Extensions + Infrared Curling Iron

There’s no doubt that this holiday season will have a different vibe than years past. Whether celebrating in your living room with your quarantine partner or on a rooftop with heat lamps, one thing remains the same — you want to look and feel your best! And nothing screams holidays like fancily coiffed hair.
Velo Weft Extensions


For those of us who have become more relaxed with our hair routines or want something simple (but special) for those festive nights, Tony Odisho offers the perfect hair solution with their Velo Weft Extensions and infrared curling iron. This extension hair system is designed to add the desired length and volume to your hair, when you want it, in under five minutes!  
The Velo is a customizable, graduated weft system. It is made of 128 grams of hair on two connected wefts with a translucent wire and movable clips that allow for a customized and comfortable fit. It is designed to transform your look dramatically in about the same amount of time it takes for your rideshare to arrive (or your plus one to decide what to wear).  
To install, section off hair approximately two inches away from the hairline and clip away. Place wire on top of your head (like a headband) and the laced weft just below the occipital bone. Let hair down and brush to blend. Then, create a horizontal part just above the occipital bone, and clip away. Secure the other weft with attached clips. Let hair down and brush to blend.
Styling Your Velo Weft Extensions


Once the Velo is installed, create shiny waves using the TO Infrared Curling Iron. Far infrared technology heats the hair strand from the inside out, which results in quicker styling and less heat exposure on the cuticle. A full head curling session should take less than 10 minutes. First, spray hair with your favorite heat protectant, and then go to work! For soft, beachy waves, take large sections using a 1.25” rod. Leave ends out for a more relaxed look. For that Hollywood wave vibe, curl small sections with the 1” rod, and brush out curls with a wide-tooth comb.  
Add a glitzy accessory to turn up the glam!
At the end of the night, slip off the Velo, throw your hair back up into a topknot, and upload your best photos using #tonyodisho.
Order your Velo Weft Extensions at tonyodisho.com.