8”Long black infrared curling iron

Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron
Hair Care might start with what you put in your hair but it doesn’t end there. This is why it’s important to invest in the hot tools you use when styling. Quality hot tools minimize damage, deliver better results, and last longer.
The pricing of a professional curling iron set should not be a topic taken lightly. The reason being the price difference hinges on the same bar as quality. While a curling iron at a convenience store may be cheaper, customers are sacrificing for quality when purchasing the lower priced product.
Cheaper curling irons are not as well made as the professional grade ones we have here at Tony Odishol. They suffer wear and tear quickly, are constructed poorly, and have a high risk of causing damage to your hair. Many of the lower priced curling irons don’t even have temperature control which is essential to getting the best results when styling hair.
We are proud of the high quality of our Tony Odisho infrared curling iron for the amazing results our customers can enjoy when styling their hair. Our customers are able to get their desired look with the 8’’ barrel and a fast use with it only taking 60 seconds to heat up to 450. Ceramic and tourmaline are two of the materials that give great results and benefits. They offer the best and longest lasting results compared to other materials.
Here at Tony Odisho, we believe that the health of your hair shouldn’t be compromised to get your desired look. We strive to keep hair healthy in any style, both at the salon and at home.