Velo Highlight #18/24 - 20 Inches - Dark Blonde / Ash Blonde - 175 Grams | clip in hair extensions

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 Velo Extensions

Whether it’s for a special event, a night out or your everyday look we hope the Velo is a great addition to enhance your style. Velo extensions is a hair system designed to add desired length and volume to your hair when you want it!


  • Graduated weft system
  • Adjustable wire and movable clips for custom fit
  • 5 minute application
  • Comes in 16” and 20” lengths 
  • 175 grams of hair

Application & Fitting

  • Place Velo on head with translucent wire at top (approximately 2 inches from hairline)And laced West just below the occipital bone
  • Adjust wire to fit comfortably
  • Using a rat tail comb pull hair through and over the least waft
  • Using comb or fingers, create horizontal part just above occipital bone, twist hair up and cli.
  • Place clipped left above occipital bone
  • Secure weft with attached clips
  • Release hair from hair clip
  • Using in extensions brush brush to blend hair
  • If necessary readjust wire
  • Press bead down to secure wire, tie knot around bead, and cut away excess wire.


Using an extension brush, start at the ends of the hair and work upward. Always brush your Velo before application and after removal.



Brush hair before cleansing. Holding the Velo at the weft, shampoo and condition using cool water as needed.


1 Velo made of 100% Indian Remy hair

1 Tony Odisho hair clip

1 Rat tail comb

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