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Fusion Extensions

Strand by Strand Extensions That Offer Precision and Customizability

+ Benefits

  • 100% Human Remy Hair
  • Double Pigmentation
  • Keratin Bond
  • Customizable


Years of Research & testing


months of wear




lengths available

How It Works

Tony Odisho Fusion Extensions can be applied for length, thickness, fullness, or all three! They’re totally customizable so whether you just want to fill a gap in the hair or go for a full-on princess look, Fusion Extensions can achieve it.


On twice-clarified hair, apply the bond of the extensions to natural hair, ¼ “ from the root. Melt the bond with a Sola 100. Seal to hair with Fusion Application Pincers.

Can be colored (but not lifted) or worn as is

Keratin bond technology is strong and durable

Lasts up to 4 months

Can be worn straight or wavy; water will activate extensions’ natural wave

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