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Tape Extensions

Seamless Extensions That Can Be Applied in Under an Hour!

+ Benefits

  • 100% Human Remy Hair
  • Double Pigmentation
  • Patented Polyflex Keratin Protein
  • Available in Original or Satin


Years of Research & testing


hours or less for application & removal


months of wear

Can be reapplied up to



How It Works

Tony Odisho Tape Extensions can be applied in the standard, sandwich style or with our single-sided tape, depending on hair type and desired look. These extensions our quick and easy to apply and clients love how natural they look!


On twice-clarified hair, apply the adhesive side of of the extensions to natural hair, ¼ “ from the root. Seal with another extension or a single-sided tape strip. Use application pincers to finish.

Can be colored (but not lifted) or worn as is

Keratin tape is strong and durable

Lasts up to 2 months & can be re-applied 2-3x

Can be worn straight or wavy

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