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Weft Extensions

Extensions that provide density with little contact with natural hair

+ Benefits

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Machine-tied
  • Customizable
  • Available in Silky Satin




Months of wear


minute removal

Can be reapplied up to



How It Works

Tony Odisho Weft Extensions are machine-tied, making them easily customizable yet as thin and easy to layer as most hand-tied hair extensions. They are very gentle on the hair as they are applied without any heat, glue, tape or chemicals.


The wefts are added by using the beaded weft application method which consists of first securing beads on the natural hair, and then sewing the wefts onto the beads.

Can be colored (but not lifted) or worn as is

Lasts up to 2 months & can be re-applied 2-3x

Dries straight

Applied and removed with no heat, glue, tape or chemicals

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