Get a 5 Minute Makeover with Velo Extensions

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If you haven’t experienced the magic of our clip-in Velo extensions, then you’re in for a treat. These extensions are made of 100% human remy hair and can transform your hairstyle in minutes. To show you just have easy to use they are, we put together this tutorial for a 5 minute makeover with Velo extensions!


Step 1 – Apply the first weft on clean, brushed hair and tighten as needed.

  tony odisho, velo extensions, tutorial 

Step 2 – Use a rat tail comb to pull out natural hair over the weft.

 tony odisho, velo extensions

Step 3 – Use a clip to hold up top section of hair, then apply the second weft.

  hair extensions, tony odisho 

Step 4 – Brush with a Tony Odisho boar bristle brush to smooth.

  velo hair extensions, clip in extensions, 5 minute makeover velo extensions, 5 minute makeover

Step 5 – Use a Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron to add loose curls, then brush again.

  5 minute makover, velo clip in extrensions, 5 minute makeover 5 minute makeover

Step 6 – Pull hair into a low pony, picking out pieces to add texture while spraying Ostia Collection Flexible Hold Hairspray.

 styling tips, best hair products, 5 minute makeover

Step 7 – Wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail and finish with Ostia Collection Strong Hold Hairspray.

best hair extensions in chicago, 5 minute makeover 5 minute makeover

And that’s it! A gorgeous, elegant hairstyle in just minutes. For more hairstyle inspiration like this 5 minute makeover, read the rest of our blog!

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