Get a Glam Holiday Hairstyle in 5 Easy Steps

hairstyle tutorial

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to bust out your best holiday hairstyle! Whether you’re planning your look for an office party, holiday formal, or family celebration, there’s nothing like a timeless up do. If you’re in need of inspiration for something quick yet chic, then this 5 step tutorial for a glam holiday hairstyle is perfect for you!

Step 1 – Curl it

Grab your Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron to create the perfect curls. There’s no need to be too precise or spend a lot of time on this, since the curls will be pinned up later on.

tony odisho infrared curling iron, holiday hairstyle   

Step 2 – Tease it

Section out a piece of hair from the hairline to the crown and tease it with a rat tail comb to add volume. Pull back and pin in place when you are finished.

holiday hairstyle tutorial

Step 3 – Ruche it

Take a section of hair and twist two equal sized pieces together so that it looks like a rope. Then grab a very thin strand at the bottom and push the rest of the hair upwards to create a ruching effect. Pin it up. Then start with another section until all that’s left are the curls closer to the nape of the neck.

holiday hairstyle   holiday hairstyle

Step 4- Create loose bun

Split the rest of the hair into two pieces and twist them together. Then twist that part into a loose bun and pin it up with the rest of the hair.

holiday hairstyle

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Loosen small sections as needed to make sure the hairstyle isn’t too tight. It’s meant to be a loose, effortless looking up do. When you’re satisfied, set it with Ostia Collection Flexible Hold Hair Spray. The Strong Hold Hair Spray would work well too, depending on your preference for how loose you’d like the look to be.

hairstyle tutorial

And there you have it! A glam holiday hairstyle that can be achieved in just five easy steps. Its versatility makes it the perfect look no matter what your holiday occasion. It can be dressy with an elegant gown or more casual with a holiday sweater and cozy leggings. Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes by posting a photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #tonyodisho!

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