How Clarify Shampoo Helps Your Scalp

tony odisho ostia collection clarify shampoo

The first step toward having a healthy scalp is having a clean one. Whether your complaint is a dry scalp or an oily one, everything comes back to build up and what ingredients are in your hair products. All the deep conditioning treatments and color specific shampoos in the world won’t help you with these problems. That’s where Clarify Shampoo comes in.

Most shampoos are filled with parabens, sulfates, and other damaging ingredients that dry out the hair and scalp and can even compromise the hair’s color. The Ostia Collection Clarify Shampoo however has none of these ingredients and it is specially formulated to remove excess oil as well as built up residue from styling products.

If you wear or have worn tape or fusion extensions, you may be familiar with clarifying shampoo, since it’s used to prepare the hair for an extensions application. But what you may not have known is that it has a lot more benefits than that!

Clarifying shampoo helps keep your scalp healthy. As styles change and new styling products are created to target different specific complaints, the product buildup in hair gets worse and worse. You may find it nearly impossible to get glossy, healthy looking hair. Clarify Shampoo can change that, by knocking out buildup, excess oil while retaining much-needed moisture.

Using a clarifying shampoo like this one is absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy, hydrated scalp. We recommend using it every 1-2 weeks and alternating with your favorite shampoo in between.

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