How to Care For Your New Extensions

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So you finally took the plunge and got hair extensions. Now what? A lot of women worry that hair extensions are too much work or maintenance but this isn’t the case at all! The reality is that your hair care routine will be different, but not necessarily more extensive. That being said, itt’s very important to make sure you know the ins and outs of maintaining them, though. Here’s everything you need to know about how to care for your new extensions!


There isn’t a drastic change between how you wash natural hair versus extensions, but it’s important to note that there is a difference. Rather than bunching all of your hair on top of your head when you shampoo, start by gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp. Then work your way downward, in a zigzag motion. Never flip your hair upside down while shampooing! Additionally, you should always use a good conditioner, preferably from the Ostia Collection, to keep hair smooth and moisturized.


It’s extremely important to thoroughly brush your hair with an extensions brush at least once in the morning and once every night. It’s also important to brush it correctly. With the Tony Odisho extensions brush, you can brush all the way down to the bond, without damaging your natural hair or extensions. In fact, brushing this way is preferred. It ensures your hair won’t get matted or tangled.


The difference between how you style your extensions versus your natural hair depends entirely upon the length, fullness, and type of extensions you get. However, one of the main things you’ll notice is that Tony Odisho extensions hold a curl longer than many women’s natural hair and with some dry shampoo, you can go without washing it for up to a week! We also recommend using Smoothing Serum semi-regularly to keep hair moisturized and shiny. Avoid hairstyles that might pull on the extensions like top knots, tight buns, tight ponytails, etc.


So this may seem like a weird thing to mention, but it’s actually an important part of caring for your new extensions. Before bed, make sure to brush your hair for 20 minutes and then put it into a loose, low braid or bun. This will prevent your hair from snagging on the pillow while you sleep and getting tangled/matted. Bonus points if you sleep with a silk pillowcase!

In reality, caring for your new extensions isn’t as difficult or as scary as it may seem. It’s all about different hair maintenance, not necessarily more maintenance. So go ahead and enjoy your gorgeous new locks!

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