How to Create Old Hollywood Waves

tony odisho hair tutorial

Why leave vintage Hollywood glamour in the 1940s? Their styles are timeless, which is why they’re still popular today! Whether you’re feeling nostalgic over old movies or have an upscale event to attend, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to create old Hollywood waves using Tony Odisho hair products.

For this tutorial, you’ll need: Flexible Hold Hairspray, an Infrared Curling Iron, 3-in-1 Mist, a Paddle Brush, Smoothing Serum, and single prong clips.

Step 1 – Section Hair

hollywood waves, hair tutorial

Divide the hair into four quadrants as shown above. Lightly coat it with Flexible Hold Hairspray for a workable style and heat protection.

Step 2 – Begin Curling

hollywood waves, hair tutorial

Starting with a lower quadrant, begin curling the hair.

Step 3 – Pin Each Curl

old hollywood waves hair tutorial hollywood glamour hairstyle

Pin each individual curl with a single prong clip to cool and set the pattern. Spray each curl with hairspray as you go to maximize hold.

Step 4 – Repeat Steps 2-3 for Remaining Quadrants

Step 5 – Unpin and Brush Out Hair

hollywood waves hairstyle tutorial hollywood waves hairstyle

Spray 3-in-1 Mist onto the Paddle Brush. The 3-in-1 Mist will add shine. Unpin and brush out curls.

Step 6 – Apply Serum

hollywood waves hairstyle step by step

Rub some Smoothing Serum onto your hands and rake it through the hair. The Smoothing Serum is lightweight and offers a sleek shine without loosening the curls too much or weighing down hair.

Step 7 – Mold Face-Framing Waves

old hollywood waves hair tutorial

Using your fingers and two clips, gently mold some waves. Spray hairspray onto it. When hairspray is dry, remove clips. And that’s it!

tony odisho hair tutorial
Now you’re all set to step into a time machine—or attend a particularly glamorous party or event!

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