How to Style Hair Extensions Properly

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Nine times out of ten, hair extensions are going to be a different texture from your natural hair. Factor in the added thickness and length, and you’ve got a whole new head of hair to figure out how to style. Don’t get overwhelmed, though! If you follow these easy tips and tricks on how to style hair extensions properly, you’ll be just fine.

Use the Right Shampoo/Conditioner

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is critical to styling hair extensions. Luckily the entire Ostia Collection is safe on extensions. All of the products are sulfate and paraben free, so they don’t dry out your natural hair or extensions.

Avoid Air Drying Hair

Regardless of what you may have done prior to having extensions, air drying your hair is no longer an option. Frankly, it shouldn’t have been an option to begin with because very few hair textures look naturally pretty after air drying.

Don’t Blow Dry Lazily

In that same vein, don’t just flip over your hair and rough dry it. You’ll need to dry it section by section with a round brush. This will limit breakage and offer a more well-rounded, less frizzy look.

Always Use 3-in-1 Mist

3-in-1 Mist is an absolute must to style hair extensions properly. It detangles and protects against heat and UV rays. Use it in every style to keep your extensions tangle-free and healthy looking.

Apply Serum

Smoothing Serum will do wonders for your natural hair and extensions. It’s lightweight and adds a gorgeous shine to hair while smoothing out frizz. You don’t necessarily have to use it every day, but we certainly recommend using it around once a week.

Other than these tips, just style your hair like usual. It’s not so daunting once you get started! As our CEO always likes to say: hair extensions don’t require more maintenance than natural hair, just different maintenance.

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