How to Make Your Curls Last

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Have you ever said the phrase: my hair just doesn’t hold a curl? Then this post is for you! Anyone’s hair can hold a curl if you take the right measures. It may not come as easy to you as those with naturally thick, curly hair, but it can be done! Here are our tips on how to make your curls last.

Lighten Up on the Conditioner

Conditioner makes your hair silky and smooth–which is great, but can be counter-intuitive when trying to curl your hair. Even if you have thicker hair, a lot of conditioner makes it difficult for curls to stick. We recommend using a little less conditioner and trying lighter type, like our Ostia Collection Volumizer Conditioner.

Don’t Curl Clean Hair

If your hair has some natural oils and a little product build-up in it, it’s way more likely to hold a curl. Slick, clean hair will lose curls in a matter of hours, but hair that’s a little dirty and texturized can hold a curl for much longer. If your hair is too dirty not to wash, but you need to curl it, we recommend using our Dry Shampoo, which sprays on clear and reduces greasiness!

Use a Quality Curling Iron

If you’re not familiar with the TO Infrared Curling Iron, we highly recommend getting one. A good curling iron is an important investment because, as you may have noticed, drug store curling irons simply do not cut it. Our iron’s ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel along with its tangle-free swivel chord make it ideal for curls that last!

Trim Off Dead Ends

You may notice that the top half of your hair curls better than the bottom half, no matter what measures you take. This could mean it’s time for a trim. Damage hair simply won’t hold a curl better. The frayed ends make it nearly impossible for any curl to last, regardless of what products or tools you use.

Get Hair Extensions

If you want to make your curls last, hair extensions are a great way to do it. Tony Odisho has the best hair extensions in Chicago. They’re made with 100% Remy hair and hold a curl better than many women’s natural hair. Plus that can help you get added length and volume for a mane that wows!

So if you have limp, lifeless hair, don’t despair! There’s a number of ways to make your curls last. And if you have any doubts or questions, just ask your Tony Odisho certified stylist. They’ll be happy to help you with any of your hair needs.

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