Meet Stylist Marty Thompson

meet stylist marty thompson

What inspired you to become a hair stylist?

From the age of 14, I loved doing my family and friends’ hair and just knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What motivates you daily?

The love for what I do and and seeking new challenges!

What’s your favorite part about being a cosmetologist?

I love helping people feel better about how they look, essentially boosting their self confidence.

What’s your favorite service to perform?

Not sure I have a favorite—I enjoy all of them! However, my least favorite is probably perms.

How long have you been offering extensions to your clients?

5 years.

What are some reasons you offer extensions?

Extensions are the quickest and most effective way to add thickness and length.

How has offering extensions impacted your clients?

My clients love the fact that there’s an option to add length to their hair!

What have you learned during your years in the industry?

I’ve learned that this industry is very competitive and is constantly changing. I’ve come to realize that I wouldn’t want any other career. I love helping people and learning new things.

What advice would you give to new stylists entering the industry?

Don’t be overly concerned with how long it will take to get a solid clientele base. Be yourself. People will see the real you and then the clients that fit you and your abilities will come to you.


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