Satin Tape #DB2 - 50cm/ 20 Inches - Light Golden Blonde - 20 Grams

SKU: SatinTape20inch

Light Golden Blonde Satin Tape Extensions in 20 inches


Use clarifying shampoo to cleanse hair. Select a slice of hair mimicking the width of the extension- thin enough to see though. Remove tape backing without touching tape. While holding the extension near the tape strip, adhere tape strip under the hair while keeping the hair taut, at least ¼” away from the scalp. Smooth with comb and remove any stray hair that did not adhere. Apply another strip to top of hair, creating a sandwich effect. Use Tony Odisho tape application pincers to secure adhesion.


Features and Benefits

  • 8 strips per pack
  • 20g per pack
  • heat-free application
  • 6-8 weeks of wear
  • Up to 3 applications

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