Double Weft Highlight #12/DB2 - 24 Inches - Copper Golden Blonde/Light Golden Blonde - 70 Grams

SKU: WeftDouble24inch

Tony Odisdo beaded weft hair extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair

Double pigmented


  • Sew in hair extensions 
  • Machine-tied weft extensions
  • Can be reapplied up to 3x and can be worn 6-8 weeks each time.
  • 70g of hair per pack
  • Average 2-3packs for full head application


  1. Clarify hair at least twice using Ostia collection Clarify Shampoo                        NO conditioner or products should be applied to hair prior to the application  
  2. Blow dry hair completely.


  1. Section hair
  2. Bead row, placing beads ¼’’ from scalp and ½’’ apart
  3. Line up the weft with the first and last bead of the row
  4. Clip into place using single prong clips
  5. Secure weft to beads with thread
  6. Trim thread and excess weft

Suggested layering: Up to 3 layers per row, or 1 layer combined with 1 layer of double weft


Use only paraben-free, alcohol-free and sulfate-free products. Tony Odisho recommends using Ostia Collection hair care products, styling aids and tools in order to maintain the health. Beauty, and longevity of your extensions.


Blow dry and style using your favorite Ostia collection styling products. Extensions can be styled just like your natural hair, using lower heat.


Brush hair 2-3 times a day using an extension brush.  You should always brush your extensions before and after washing it to prevent tangling


Sleep with your hair in a low, loose ponytail or braid. Always make sure to rinse hair before and after swimming. Never rub or turn your head upside down when your hair is wet or when styling.

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