Tony Odisho Launches New Silver Shade for Tape & Fusion Extensions

In August 2018, hair product and extensions company Tony Odisho will present a new shade to their Original Tape and Fusion extensions lines in the 20” (50cm) length. They are offering this shade in a response to the growing “granny hair” trend. More and more women want cool, silvery locks and now Tony Odisho extensions reflect that!

What Makes TO’s Silver Extensions Special

Tony Odisho extensions are made with 100% human remy hair, sourced from a temple in India. They are double pigmented and can be heat styled or colored, as needed. Fashion Snoops referred to them as the “world’s finest hair extensions.” The new silver shade has all of these features plus a gorgeous new color that is on trend!

What Gives This Shade Staying Power

Not only is it the hottest color trend of 2018, it is just getting started. According to research by L’Oreal Professionnel, 28% of women are embracing gray or considering silver for their hair. There’s something effortlessly cool about a woman (at any stage in life) rocking a gorgeous silver color. It looks amazing with just about any style, whether you rock a sporty look or something more feminine. There’s a lot to love about this shade!

Where/When to Get the New ShadeThe silver shade will be available starting in August, 2018. They can be ordered by licensed cosmetologists online or by phone, or purchased at the Tony Odisho storefront in Chicago. Looking for a stylist to apply these for you? Check out our Salon Finder!

Last week, Tony Odisho launched three new shadow root shades to our Original Tape and Fusion extensions lines. These shades were created in response to the growing shadow roots trend. Because of customer requests and a rising demand for hair extensions in these shades, Tony Odisho is confident these new products will make an impact in the salon community and among customers at large.

Easier Than Custom Color

Before now, hair extensions wearers were limited to single shades or highlights. Though our hair extensions can be dyed for a customized color, pre-dyed shadow roots are far quicker and more convenient for both the hair stylist and the client. Now there is no need to dye your extensions to get the shadow roots trend. All you have to do is dye the natural roots (or leave them depending on if they already match the extensions), then you can get them installed and be good to go!

Which Shadow Root Shades Are Offered

There will be three shadow root shades for customers to choose from. The first is a combination of our standard swatch shades 10, which gradually turns into shade 20. The second is a combination of shades 8 and DB4. The third is a combination of shades 4 and 14. All of these shades will be available in Tony Odisho Original Tape & Fusion extensions in the 20 inch (50cm) length.

Why Shadow Roots Are Here to Stay

From the runways at New York Fashion week to reality TV stars to your next door neighbor, shadow roots have been a consistent style trend. People love the effortlessness of the look because it allows you to be on trend without a lot of extra effort. From what we’ve seen in magazines and salons across the country, shadow roots are here to stay.

Where/When to Get the New Shades

The new shadow root shades are now available as of April 28, when they were launched at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. You can order them online, by phone, or drop by our store in Chicago to pick them up. So why wait? Try our new shadow root shades today!

At Tony Odisho, we know that the power of hair extensions lies in their versatility. They can transform women of all ages and hair types, helping them finally achieve the hair of their dreams! It never ceases to amaze people how much you can do with just a few packs of hair extensions. Whether you want boosted volume, added length, enhanced texture, or a unique color, hair extensions can help you reach your goal. And this versatility can be achieved with our Original Tape Extensions, our Fusion Extensions, and even our clip-in Velo Extensions. Take it from the producer of the best hair extensions in Chicago; extensions can amp up any look. For proof, check out these 4 transformations that prove the power of hair extensions is real and potent!

power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago


1. Length Transformation

This is the classic transformation that people picture when they think of hair extensions. They are a tried and true way to give you the princess hair you’ve always wanted, whether you need to add a couple inches or a whole foot of length. So if you’ve been pining for long locks you thought only time could bring, try Tony Odisho hair extensions!



best hair extensions in chicago, power of hair extensions

2. Volume Transformation

You can add more than just length with Tony Odisho extensions and this transformation is proof. If you enjoy having short hair, but have been longing for more volume than what teasing and hairspray can give you, you’re in luck. This transformation is a prime example of the power of hair extensions!



power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


3. Texture Transformation

If you’re tired of hair that can’t hold a curl for more than a couple hours, there’s a simple solution. Our hair extensions whether they’re tape, fusion, or clip-in are all 100% Remy hair sourced from Indian. This means all of the hair has a natural wave to it (we even offer curly hair in some lengths!). It also means that it holds curls, waves, and any type of hairstyle really well. This transformation demonstrates this perfectly.


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


4. Color Transformation

One of the best things about hair extensions is their ability to lift and hold color. A lot of women want to try to fun, new colors but are worried about damaging their with all of the chemical processes. Thanks to the power of hair extensions, these issues can be totally avoided! When you apply the best hair extensions in Chicago (ours), the hair color possibilities are endless. This is a color transformation we particularly love!


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago



Here’s a bonus transformation that adds, volume, length, and texture! We love this vampy look that only the power of extensions could manage to make so cool!

Now you see for yourself how versatile hair extensions can be, especially if they’re made by Tony Odisho! So schedule a hair extensions consultation at a salon near you by using our convenient Salon Finder to help you choose one that has stylists certified to apply Tony Odisho hair extensions.

Many women deal with thinning hair, but few are familiar with solutions or are too embarrassed to ask their hair stylist about them. Fortunately, there’s a number of easy ways to boost volume for thin hair. Whether it’s general hair care, certain hair products, or Tony Odisho hair extensions, we’re well-versed on the topic of women with thin or thinning hair. Read on to find out our top tips for women with thinning hair!

Reduce Stress

One of the biggest causes of thinning hair is stress. Day to day life can be draining, especially if you have a particularly demanding job. And while we can’t avoid certain stressors in our lives, we can take steps toward better self care practices. Whether sitting in your favorite hair stylist’s chair is what relaxes you or going on a long walk, do whatever you need to get a little you time on a regular basis! It’s by no means a one-step solution for thin hair, but it can help. Plus, at the very least, you’ll be in a better mental state.

Limit Heat Styling

If you blow dry and/or heat style your hair on a regular basis, you may be drying and damaging it. Heat styling can suck all of the natural moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, course, and breakable. However, we know it’s a lot to ask you to quit heat styling cold turkey! So we recommend reducing the amount you do it and making sure to always use a heat protector spray like the Ostia Collection 3-in-1 Mist. You can also use the Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo to make your style last longer so you don’t have to wash and blow dry your hair as often. Also, be sure to keep a good distance between the blow dryer and your hair when you’re drying it. This will reduce heat damage as well.

Get Hair Extensions

A common misconception about hair extensions is that they’re only for young women who want Rapunzel hair. In fact, they’re for people of all ages and most people who wear hair extensions got them to boost their volume. Tony Odisho hair extensions are particularly good for thinning hair because the Fusion extensions are so customizable and don’t weigh down your existing hair. They also come in a variety of lengths and colors to fit your specific hair needs!

Take Vitamins/Supplements

Vitamins A and D, as well as Iron and Zinc (among other supplements) all support hair growth. You can get these nutrients in a lot of different foods or take them in a multivitamin form. Either way, it’s important to get all the nutrients your body needs to promote hair health. It’s a highly effective way to treat thinning hair, but doesn’t have immediate results. We recommend taking supplements while trying new hair products or getting hair extensions.

Use Volumizing Hair Products

Tony Odisho’s Ostia Collection has several products that can significantly increase your hair’s volume. There’s the Volumizer Shampoo and Volumizer Conditioner, as well as the Volumizing Mousse and our one-of-a-kind Volumizer Root Lifter. All of the products are sulfate-free and color safe, so you can make your hair look full and luscious without damaging your color (or your hair extensions, for that matter)!

Having thin or thinning hair can be stressful and demoralizing, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many options to help boost your volume and your confidence in a fairly short amount of time. So don’t let yourself suffer any longer, use these easy methods to treat thinning hair and give you a fuller life!

Ready or not, 2018 is here! That means it’s time to get started on your New Year’s resolutions. And if you didn’t resolve to upgrade your look with extensions, you should. It’ll give you the confidence you need to start of the year right! As the producer of the best hair extensions in Chicago, we at Tony Odisho know a thing or two about transformations. So whether you’re looking for more volume, better curls, longer hair, or lasting color, hair extensions are the way to go for your 2018 makeover. Here are some ways you can upgrade your look with extensions this year!

1. Add Volume

Despite what many people think, most women get hair extensions for volume, not length. Whether you have a bob or waist length hair, extensions can give you the volume that no amount of hairspray or teasing ever could. This is especially helpful if you have thin or thinning hair. One of the reasons Tony Odisho has the best hair extensions in Chicago is that we offer both double sided and single sided tape extensions, which doesn’t weigh down and damage thin hair.

2. Get Better Curls

One of the things that makes us unique is that we offer curly hair extensions as well as the standard kind. It’s a great option for women who want a better curl pattern and more volume. However, all of our 100% human hair extensions have a natural wave to them and hold curls really well. So if you have naturally straight hair that flattens within hours of being curled, our hair extensions are the ones for you!

3. Lengthen Hair

Since we have the best hair extensions in Chicago, we consider ourselves the experts on Rapunzel hair! If you regret chopping your hair off in 2017, now you can fix it in 2018—thank goodness. So stop dreaming about all the gorgeous lengthy locks on your Pinterest board and take some initiative! It’s a new year and anything is possible.

4. Enhance Color

If you’ve been longing to try out one of the new hair color trends, like a bright violet or a sleek silver, our hair extensions may be the best way to achieve that. Our hair is completely remy and sourced from India, so it lifts more easily and holds color better. It also reduces the amount of chemical damage on your natural hair. So go bleach blonde! Try an aqua shade! The possibilities are endless!

So are you ready to upgrade your look with extensions? You can find a salon that applies Tony Odisho extensions in your area, using our handy Salon Finder, which means no more excuses. Go ahead and conquer the world while looking positively fabulous! 2018 might be your year.

What attracted you to a career as a stylist?

I just knew I loved the whole idea of runway and photo shoots and making all the glamour happen. Then as I worked through school and in my first year of working behind a chair, I fell in love with making someone feel good about themselves! 

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been behind the chair almost 8 years. 

What has your professional journey been like?

It started off slow and I was an assistant for what seemed like forever. But it all paid off in the end! I learned so much from all of my mentors and now I’m happily running my own business and educating for TO.

What is your favorite part about being a cosmetologist? 

I love the connection I have with my clients. It’s like having a really huge family!

What motivates you daily?

I have a 16 month old daughter, so she’s a huge part of my motivation. I also strive to always better myself, so I’d say education is a huge motivator too!

How do you approach creating a style for your client? 

The art of consultation is key! I never assume my client is going to want the same thing. The number one reason a client tries a new stylist is because they never suggest a change for their client or they aren’t open to something new. I always tell them what I think is best, but I love when my client likes to explore a new look.

What is your favorite service to perform?

It’s definitely either extensions or a difficult color correction, but it’s even better when you combine the two!

What are some of the reasons you offer extensions?

They’re so versatile, you can use them for nearly anything a client needs! They’re not just for people who want mermaid hair. A single pack of hair extensions can help you achieve a color goal without compromising the hair. Just a half pack can give someone with super fine hair the volume they’ve always wanted.

How have extensions impacted your business?

Insert money emoji here! Besides the money though, it’s just made me an all around better stylist.

How do you encourage your clients to take care of their hair, including their extensions?

Brush brush brush! And always use the products I suggest, the health of your hair is my number one priority!

What are some of your favorite “go-to” products?

A girl can never go wrong with the Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo, however my absolute favorite product is the Ostia Collection Volumizing Mousse.

What have you learned over the last 8 years about the industry and yourself as an artist?

 You cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes their expectations are unrealistic. That is still something that’s hard for me to deal with as a stylist. I want to give you what you want, but sometimes it takes multiple sessions, if it can be achieved at all.

What advice would you offer to new stylists entering the industry?

 You need tough skin and you cannot get discouraged easily!

hair extensions, fusion extensions, hair stylisthair extensions, fusion extensions, hair stylist

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What attracted you to a career as a stylist?

I have always had a passion and love for all things to do with hair, beauty and style. Becoming a hairstylist was the perfect fit for me.

How long have you been in the industry? 

I attended Arlington Academy in 2005.  I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years now.

What motivates you daily?

The challenge. The hair industry is a revolving door for change. Every year with new trends and styles, all while trying to achieve these looks through new techniques.

How do you approach creating a style for your client?

The consultation process is key in understanding your client’s wants/needs and expectations. Every appointment with my clients-new and old, begins with a consultation. Asking questions based on how their hair was processed in the past, all the way to how they want their hair to look in the future. Making sure my clients are prepared for the simple or extensive process of their transformation.

What is your favorite service to perform?

I couldn’t choose. I thrive off being able to create any look my client is trying to achieve. I love to be versatile and strive to be educated in all services.

What are some of the reasons you offer extensions?

Hair extensions offer the greatest transformations with the least amount of damage.

How have extensions impacted your business?

Hair extensions have impacted me and my business immensely. Being certified in tape hair extensions, as well as keratin fusion extensions, allows me to further my commitment supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks to Tony Odisho pink keratin fusion hair extensions, I am able to show awareness for this cause. Donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation means a lot to me. My Grandma Lillian Pierotti passed away from this disease in 1969 when my father was only 12 years old. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting the woman that gave my father life, she will forever be in our hearts. In addition to my grandmother, someone very special to me is a breast cancer survivor. Throughout all of this, I have been able to share my story as well as connect with some many others.

What direction do you see yourself going in the next several years? What is your industry goal and how will you accomplish it?

In the future I will become an educator and/or brand ambassador (wink, wink Tony).  My goal is to continue to learn and teach in the industry I love so much.

What advice would you offer to new stylists entering the industry?

When you do something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.  Stay motivated. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Use all the resources to continue your education. It will help you to grow your business, mind and confidence.


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What attracted you to a career as stylists?

We were both in our second year of college and had undecided majors, so we took a year off.  After the year was up, we both felt we were too creative to go back to college, so it was then that we decided to go to beauty school.

How long have you been in the industry?

Almost 25 years–that’s crazy!!!!

What has your professional journey been like?

Out of beauty school we worked at a salon on Michigan Ave and were in their cutting program.  Yes, we worked at the same salon! Several years later the salon closed and Areta went on to do skincare at Mario Tricoci (we were the last graduating class that was grandfathered in to being able to do skincare with a cosmetology license in Illinois), and Daria began doing wedding hair, starting a company with a couple of makeup artist friends. From there, Areta realized skincare was not for her.  She had an idea that hair extensions were on the verge of becoming huge, so after taking a few classes specializing in extensions the rest became history!  It took Daria a few more years before the wedding business just wasn’t what she wanted to do anymore, so she soon followed in Areta’s footsteps and began doing extensions, too!

What is your favorite part about being cosmetologists?

Making people look and feel beautiful.  So many people come to us that just don’t feel good about themselves because they are so unhappy with their hair. We’re talking about women with very fine, lifeless hair.  We like to think that with a few extensions we are making them look like a better version of themselves.  We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had clients hug us after their service because we made them feel beautiful.

Tell me about your salon, where it is located, the neighborhood, your average client.

Chicago Lashes and Hair at 3530 N. Ashland Ave in Chicago.  Majority of our clients are business women that really care about their appearance and want to make sure that their hair looks amazing at all times.

How do you approach creating a style for your client?

Most of our clients already know what they are looking for.  It is up to us to determine if that look is achievable, given the condition of their existing hair.  It is very important that we ask what hair products they currently use and what type of styling they do on a daily basis.

What do you do to make sure your clients leave feeling happy and beautiful?

We make it very personal. Our clients become our friends simply because these services can take quite a bit of time, so you really get to know each other very well!  They also know we genuinely care about the integrity of their own hair and wouldn’t do anything to compromise that. Every client has our cell phone numbers and they can call us at any time with any questions or concerns.  This puts their mind at ease, especially if this is their first time getting extensions.

How long have you been offering extensions?

For over 15 years!

What are some of the reasons you offer extensions?                 

Extensions are no longer just for someone that wants long ‘mermaid-like’ hair.  Most women just don’t have the great hair they once had, whether it’s due to age, stress, medication, illness or over-processing. Or maybe someone never had great hair to begin with due to heredity.  We want women to know that there are plenty of options to add more fullness to their existing hair or that they can have the length that they never thought they’d have.

What type of extensions method do you prefer and why?

Probably the fusion method because it’s the one with the least amount of maintenance for the client, and is also an option for most hair types.

How have extensions impacted your business?

We are a specialty salon- extensions are what we do all day long.  With that, we have made an impact in the salon world and have so many clients that prefer coming to someone that specializes in extensions, rather than going to a regular salon that offers all services. Due to our specialization, we have clients that fly in from all over the United States to get their hair done by one of us, which is a HUGE complement!

How do you encourage your clients to take care of their hair, including their extensions?

Brushing well is key when it comes to extensions!  Also, making sure they use great products is so important.

What are some of your favorite “go-to” products?

We both love the Tony Odisho 3-in-1 Mist!  We also love the Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner by Pureology.

How do you see the hair industry changing?

Well we have seen more salons opening up that specialize in extensions; we think that’s catching on!

What have you learned over the years about the industry?

There is room in this industry for everyone.

What advice would you offer to new stylists entering the industry?

Extensions are not meant for every stylist to do- it can be very hard on your body.  There are times when you will spend an extended amount of time with just one client, and you will be standing in the same spot for hours, which can be hard on your feet and back. You get used to it- trust us!  When it comes to doing extensions, be meticulous!!! Neatness really counts when it comes to the application process.  Also, be very thorough when explaining after care and the importance of using great products.

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The Tony Odisho brand is always striving to make quality products to protect and stave away damage during the daily routine of drying and styling hair. It is common for women to take care of their skin with high-end products, yet often their hair is left on the wayside. Drugstore shampoos, conditioners and styling products are made with chemicals that are damaging to the hair itself, without adding the stress of blow-drying and styling tools. Below is a list of quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful:

  1. Protect your hair like your skin. Whether your hair is natural, or you have hair extensions, you must always protect your hair. Use our 3-in-1 styling mist on towel-dried hair after EVERY time you wash your hair and after swimming. The 3-in-1 product has three properties that will help maintain your hairs’ health. Formulated as a detangler, UV protector, and heat protectant, do not go anywhere without this product! The 3-in-1 is like sunscreen for your hair. Our hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, ethically sourced from two temples in India.Our Remy hair needs to be protected like your own hair because it is not treated with silicone like other brands, and also does not create its own oils like natural hair.

Did you know that even on fully overcast days, the UV rays from the sun are still coming through, causing damage to hair and skin? Why protect only your face and skin, when your hair is part of what makes you unique and beautiful? Use the specially made mixed-bristle paddle brush with the different size bores for smooth brushing that is easier on extremely sensitive wet hair.

  1. You want to hydrate your hair. Some styling products are made specifically for wet hair, dry, and both wet and dry hair. The Ostia Collection has different options for shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair hydrated depending on the type of hair you have. Everyone’s’ hair is different – you may need a heavier moister on the bottom, and a root lifter on the top. The same goes for hair extensions, because the extensions are fused with keratin to your hair below the root, they do not produce oils like your own, natural hair. It is vital to keep your extensions protected with the right products. TO’s Smoothing Serum from the Ostia Collection is a wonderful way to keep your hair hydrated, along with the right shampoo and conditioner, with a few drops of the serum on wet hair before drying.

The serum, infused with marula oil, leaves the hair smooth, yet does not leave hair greasy or sticky. It is perfect to protect the hair from damage, frizz, and flyaways whether used on towel-dried hair or dry hair for the sleekest style. Do not wash the serum from your hands! Rub the remaining serum into your cuticles and hands for beautiful hydration, again, without being greasy, or leaving behind unwanted residue.

  1. Where there is smoke, there is damage. Most styling tools have heat settings up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – that does not mean you should use the tool at that level. The thinner or finer your hair, the lower the heat. Increase heat as the thickness of your hair increases. Essentially, you want the tool to give you the results you need with the lowest heat possible. When styling your hair, our Flexible Hold hairspray is an great product that gives you heat protection, but can be brushed and curled again, or played with until you find the perfect style (then set with the Firm Hold hairspray). This extra bit of protection will help dried hair as it is being curled, along with giving hold while maintaining pliability

Our Flexible Hold hairspray is also great for our clip in hair extension system, Velo as seen here. The hairspray works to keep your style in place when wearing your Velo, or when it is stored in its specially made box.

  1. Finally, invest in good styling tools and products. Take the time to protect your hair – it really is not that much work. Use the proper products for the type of natural hair and/or the hair extensions you have. Keep the heat as low as possible, you only want to heat enough to curl or straighten without burning. Give your hair a rest from heat and styling tools. Let hair air-dry, use a serum to control frizz. Keep hair in a low pony, bun, or braid. The last part is essential when wearing hair extensions before going to sleep to avoid pulling and damage to hair and scalp.

The TO infrared curling iron is one of the best investments you can make. All of the beauty experts recommend low heat and not using heat on the same place for too long. With the advanced technology of the infrared curling iron, you can curl your hair in half the time, with less heat. This is THE perfect solution to avoid damage while giving your hair the perfect curl. The curling iron works wonders on hair extensions too. The curling iron uses the even heat of the infrared barrel to curl faster, and hold the curl longer, making it so that you do not need to repeat the curling process for 2-3 days!

  1. Tony Odisho has put in much thought when creating the Ostia Collection. With a balance of protein and moisture, it is the perfect combination to keep your natural hair, and hair extensions healthy. Tony Odisho also uses the most current technology for his infrared curling iron and styling products to achieve the ultimate look of chicness and beauty. Your stylist can only do so much to make you a more beautiful you – you have to take the steps to maintain your hair once you leave the salon.

Check out our videos on using the TO curling iron and other products on our YouTube page. Follow/like us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to get more tips, statistics, and answers to FAQ’s along with our gallery of photos that showcase our beautiful 100% Remy, human hair, keratin fusion and Original tape extensions, as well as our Velo clip in extension system.