When hair needs volume, the last hair care product people typically reach for is conditioner. But it’s time to reconsider that! Conditioner can do a lot for your hair’s health and body, but often gets under-utilized when it comes to adding volume. Here’s why you should try Volume Conditioner.

As we slowly slide into spring, it’s important to remember to nourish your hair. The winter months can make hair dry, dull, and limp. There’s no humidity or moisture in the air to add some natural hydration, so you have to add it yourself!

The key to using Volume Conditioner is in applying it correctly. Only apply at the mid shaft to ends of the hair. If you apply it higher, you risk trapping oils on the scalp, ultimately weighing down the hair and making it look stringy. Be careful not to use too much conditioner. All Ostia Collection products are highly concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. It’s also just generally a bad idea to go heavy on the conditioner when you’re trying to achieve more volume.

Additionally, it is completely fine to alternate the Volume Conditioner with a different one, depending on what style you’re going for that day. You absolutely do not have to use Volume Conditioner every time you wash in order to reap its many. benefits.

If you need a little extra nourishment, alternate with Restore Conditioner. For ultra hydration, alternate with our Intense Conditioner. And for blondes who want to knock out brassiness, alternate with the Blonde Conditioner.

However you choose to implement Volume Conditioner into your hair care routine, you won’t regret it! It’s an excellent way to amplify fullness while offering much-needed hydration to natural hair and hair extensions.

For more essential hair tips and easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorials, read more of our blog! Let us know your thoughts and questions  in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Having fine hair means being in a constant battle to make it look fuller without weighing it down with too much product. It can be frustrating to figure out the right routine for your hair. That’s why we came up with this list of 8 things every woman with fine hair should know. If your hair is wispy, this post is for you!

1. Rough Dry Your Hair

Brushing your hair too much can ultimately make your style limp and lifeless. That’s why it’s best to rough dry it until it’s mostly dry before you start styling. To get the most volume, flip your hair over and rough dry it while you’re facing down.

2. Use a Good Heat Protectant

A good heat protectant, like our lightweight 3-in-1 Mist is key to styling fine hair. Fine hair is much more susceptible to heat damage, so protecting it is crucial to its health.

3. Get the Right Haircut

Long layers can make fine hair look fuller and more dimensional. Also short cuts can help liven up your hair and make it less weighed down.

4. Apply Styling Products From The Ends

In order to not make your hair too oily or heavy at the roots, always apply styling products from the bottom up. The only exception to this rule is a root lifter, which obviously needs to be applied at the roots.

5. Go Easy on Conditioner

Conditoner is great, but a little goes a long way. It can weigh down your hair and even make it staticky in colder weather. We recommend using a light conditioner like our Volumizer Conditioner and don’t be scared to skip the conditioner sometimes when you wash.

6. Root Lifters Can Do Wonders

The Ostia Collection Root Lifter is perfect for women with fine hair. Not only does it give much-needed volume, it has dry shampoo built in so it’ll make your style last longer between washes!

So fine-haired women, go forth with confidence and better hair. These tips will give you the hair of your dreams in next to no time!

As anyone with fine, thin, or thinning hair knows, it can be incredibly difficult to boost volume. Even folks with thick hair can struggle to find the right products to make their hair stand out. Luckily, you don’t have to look any further to give your hair the boost you want. Here are 5 amazing hair products to boost volume!

Volumizing Shampoo

Our Ostia Collection Volumizing Shampoo can work wonders for your hair. It’s a great way to boost volume because it’s infused with rice protein that surrounds your hair’s cuticle, rather than expanding it. This makes it color safe, unlike other shampoos that are designed to boost volume.

Volumizing Conditioner

The Ostia Collection Volumizing Conditioner is the perfect accompaniment to the Volumizing Shampoo. It infuses hair with weightless volume while adding and a sleek shine. It even strengthens the hair shaft and protects color.

Volumizer Root Lifter

If you haven’t tried our Volumizer Root Lifter, now’s the time! This miracle worker is applied directly to your roots before drying/styling. It’s perfect if you want to boost volume while using a product that is free of silicons and oils.

Volumizing Mousse

The Volumizing Mousse is a lightweight foam that is very workable and doesn’t get sticky or hard. It also offers heat protection from styling tools. Better still, it provides hair with essential nutrients to keep it soft and full!

Dry Shampoo

Not many people realize that dry shampoo is an excellent tool to boost volume. This is especially true of our Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo. It goes on clear and makes your style and volume last longer, Apply it after cleaning and drying your hair to boost volume and lengthen your style’s longevity.

With these Ostia Collection hair products to boost volume, your hair will be runway ready in no time! And if you want an even bigger boost, try Tony Odisho hair extensions. They’re not just for length!

Whether you blow dry your hair on a regular basis or just use it as a styling technique now and then, it’s important to avoid typical blow drying mistakes. A lot of people accidentally damage their hair or cause other unwanted issues, simply because they never learned how to properly blow dry their hair. These slip-ups are easily avoidable and important to understand. That’s why we came up with this list of blow drying mistakes to avoid!

Not rough drying hair

One of the biggest blow drying mistakes people make is not rough drying their hair before styling it. your hair should be about 80% dry before you even pick up your round brush. This makes it much easier to style your hair the way you want. Trying to style sopping wet hair is a waste of time and energy since it won’t cooperate until it’s mostly dry any way.

Skipping heat protectant

Heat protectant is essential  when heat styling your hair. A protectant like our 3-in-1 Mist will prevent your hair from getting dried out or damaged by heat tools. Skip it, and you’ll end up with dry, frizzy hair and split ends. Plus, the 3-in-1 mist offers UV protection so your hair won’t fade and it even works as a detangler!

Using too high of a heat setting

A lot of women use too high of a heat setting whether they’re blow drying, straightening, or curling their hair. A good rule of thumb is: the finer the hair, the lower the heat. Thick hair can take a fair amount of heat since it’s dense and doesn’t get damaged as easily. But if you use too high a heat setting on fine hair, you run the risk of drying it out or even burning it.

Always blow drying in the same direction

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually one of the big blow drying mistakes to direct your hair the same way the whole time. If you do this, your hair will end up flat and lifeless. It’s important to over direct your hair in places that you want more volume, such as on the crown. Basically just spend some time drying it in the opposite direction that you’re going to style it, to give it an extra boost.

So you see it’s easy to make these blow drying mistakes, but it’s just as easy to avoid them! If you need any other hair tips or tricks, check out the rest of our blog.


Have you ever said the phrase: my hair just doesn’t hold a curl? Then this post is for you! Anyone’s hair can hold a curl if you take the right measures. It may not come as easy to you as those with naturally thick, curly hair, but it can be done! Here are our tips on how to make your curls last.

Lighten Up on the Conditioner

Conditioner makes your hair silky and smooth–which is great, but can be counter-intuitive when trying to curl your hair. Even if you have thicker hair, a lot of conditioner makes it difficult for curls to stick. We recommend using a little less conditioner and trying lighter type, like our Ostia Collection Volumizer Conditioner.

Don’t Curl Clean Hair

If your hair has some natural oils and a little product build-up in it, it’s way more likely to hold a curl. Slick, clean hair will lose curls in a matter of hours, but hair that’s a little dirty and texturized can hold a curl for much longer. If your hair is too dirty not to wash, but you need to curl it, we recommend using our Dry Shampoo, which sprays on clear and reduces greasiness!

Use a Quality Curling Iron

If you’re not familiar with the TO Infrared Curling Iron, we highly recommend getting one. A good curling iron is an important investment because, as you may have noticed, drug store curling irons simply do not cut it. Our iron’s ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel along with its tangle-free swivel chord make it ideal for curls that last!

Trim Off Dead Ends

You may notice that the top half of your hair curls better than the bottom half, no matter what measures you take. This could mean it’s time for a trim. Damage hair simply won’t hold a curl better. The frayed ends make it nearly impossible for any curl to last, regardless of what products or tools you use.

Get Hair Extensions

If you want to make your curls last, hair extensions are a great way to do it. Tony Odisho has the best hair extensions in Chicago. They’re made with 100% Remy hair and hold a curl better than many women’s natural hair. Plus that can help you get added length and volume for a mane that wows!

So if you have limp, lifeless hair, don’t despair! There’s a number of ways to make your curls last. And if you have any doubts or questions, just ask your Tony Odisho certified stylist. They’ll be happy to help you with any of your hair needs.

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away—have you planned your date night hairstyle yet? If not, this simple, yet gorgeous blowout is a perfect candidate! With just a few tools, like our copper round brush and 3-in-1 Mist, you can achieve this elegant hairstyle. Need an even sweeter incentive? All of our Copper Round Brushes are 25% off for the entire month of February! So check out our easy tutorial and don’t forget to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Step 1 – Spray Heat Protector on Wet Hair

blowout tutorial

This step is vital whenever you’re heat styling your hair. Skip it, and you’ll end up with dry, brittle hair that breaks off and thins. We recommend using our versatile 3-in-1 Mist since it serves as a heat protector, UV damage protector, and detangler.

Step 2 – Use a Serum on the Ends

blowout tutorial

Using a serum helps prevent frizz and static while adding shine. Our Ostia Collection Smoothing Serum does all of this while helping to hydrate your hair. Plus it’s light enough to use on fine hair without weighing it down or making it oily. It’s important to keep your hair hydrated so it doesn’t dry out during heat styling.

Step 3 – Apply Mousse from Roots to Mid-Shaft

blowout tuorial

In order to really get the boost and volume a blowout promises, mousse is key. It adds texture and volume before you even touch the blow dryer. For this tutorial, we used our Ostia Collection Volumizing Mousse because it’s light and fluffy without being sticky or difficult to manage.

Step 4 – Rough Dry Hair

tony odisho blowout tutorial

Your hair should be 80% dry before you even pick up your round brush. The focus should be on styling it, not drying it from soaking wet. You’ll get much more effective results!

Step 5 – Section Hair & Use Boar Bristle Strip

tony odisho blowout tutorial

Using clips, section off your hair into manageable pieces, depending on the hair’s thickness. Then start blow drying it piece by piece, using the Copper Round Brush’s boar bristle strip as tension to smooth out the hair.

Step 6 – Leave in Brush Periodically

tony odisho blowout tutorial

As you dry the hair, leave in the brush for about 15-30 seconds on each section while it cools. This will help your hair hold the shape better and longer. Be sure to save the top section of hair for last. It comes into play in the next step.

Step 7 – Over-Direct the Top Section

tony odisho blowout tutorial  tony odisho blowout tutorial

Pull the top section toward your face and apply your round brush at the roots, moving it up from there and towards your face. Over-directing adds an extra pump of volume to the top of your head to give you the boost that blowouts are known for.

Step 8 – Enjoy Your Date!

tony odisho copper round brushblowout with copper round brush

This easy blowout gives you a look of effortless elegance, perfect for your Valentine’s Day date night! So take advantage of our Copper Round Brush sale and impress your significant other with your gorgeous hair on Valentine’s Day!

At Tony Odisho, we know that the power of hair extensions lies in their versatility. They can transform women of all ages and hair types, helping them finally achieve the hair of their dreams! It never ceases to amaze people how much you can do with just a few packs of hair extensions. Whether you want boosted volume, added length, enhanced texture, or a unique color, hair extensions can help you reach your goal. And this versatility can be achieved with our Original Tape Extensions, our Fusion Extensions, and even our clip-in Velo Extensions. Take it from the producer of the best hair extensions in Chicago; extensions can amp up any look. For proof, check out these 4 transformations that prove the power of hair extensions is real and potent!

power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago


1. Length Transformation

This is the classic transformation that people picture when they think of hair extensions. They are a tried and true way to give you the princess hair you’ve always wanted, whether you need to add a couple inches or a whole foot of length. So if you’ve been pining for long locks you thought only time could bring, try Tony Odisho hair extensions!



best hair extensions in chicago, power of hair extensions

2. Volume Transformation

You can add more than just length with Tony Odisho extensions and this transformation is proof. If you enjoy having short hair, but have been longing for more volume than what teasing and hairspray can give you, you’re in luck. This transformation is a prime example of the power of hair extensions!



power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


3. Texture Transformation

If you’re tired of hair that can’t hold a curl for more than a couple hours, there’s a simple solution. Our hair extensions whether they’re tape, fusion, or clip-in are all 100% Remy hair sourced from Indian. This means all of the hair has a natural wave to it (we even offer curly hair in some lengths!). It also means that it holds curls, waves, and any type of hairstyle really well. This transformation demonstrates this perfectly.


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


4. Color Transformation

One of the best things about hair extensions is their ability to lift and hold color. A lot of women want to try to fun, new colors but are worried about damaging their with all of the chemical processes. Thanks to the power of hair extensions, these issues can be totally avoided! When you apply the best hair extensions in Chicago (ours), the hair color possibilities are endless. This is a color transformation we particularly love!


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago



Here’s a bonus transformation that adds, volume, length, and texture! We love this vampy look that only the power of extensions could manage to make so cool!

Now you see for yourself how versatile hair extensions can be, especially if they’re made by Tony Odisho! So schedule a hair extensions consultation at a salon near you by using our convenient Salon Finder to help you choose one that has stylists certified to apply Tony Odisho hair extensions.

Many women deal with thinning hair, but few are familiar with solutions or are too embarrassed to ask their hair stylist about them. Fortunately, there’s a number of easy ways to boost volume for thin hair. Whether it’s general hair care, certain hair products, or Tony Odisho hair extensions, we’re well-versed on the topic of women with thin or thinning hair. Read on to find out our top tips for women with thinning hair!

Reduce Stress

One of the biggest causes of thinning hair is stress. Day to day life can be draining, especially if you have a particularly demanding job. And while we can’t avoid certain stressors in our lives, we can take steps toward better self care practices. Whether sitting in your favorite hair stylist’s chair is what relaxes you or going on a long walk, do whatever you need to get a little you time on a regular basis! It’s by no means a one-step solution for thin hair, but it can help. Plus, at the very least, you’ll be in a better mental state.

Limit Heat Styling

If you blow dry and/or heat style your hair on a regular basis, you may be drying and damaging it. Heat styling can suck all of the natural moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, course, and breakable. However, we know it’s a lot to ask you to quit heat styling cold turkey! So we recommend reducing the amount you do it and making sure to always use a heat protector spray like the Ostia Collection 3-in-1 Mist. You can also use the Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo to make your style last longer so you don’t have to wash and blow dry your hair as often. Also, be sure to keep a good distance between the blow dryer and your hair when you’re drying it. This will reduce heat damage as well.

Get Hair Extensions

A common misconception about hair extensions is that they’re only for young women who want Rapunzel hair. In fact, they’re for people of all ages and most people who wear hair extensions got them to boost their volume. Tony Odisho hair extensions are particularly good for thinning hair because the Fusion extensions are so customizable and don’t weigh down your existing hair. They also come in a variety of lengths and colors to fit your specific hair needs!

Take Vitamins/Supplements

Vitamins A and D, as well as Iron and Zinc (among other supplements) all support hair growth. You can get these nutrients in a lot of different foods or take them in a multivitamin form. Either way, it’s important to get all the nutrients your body needs to promote hair health. It’s a highly effective way to treat thinning hair, but doesn’t have immediate results. We recommend taking supplements while trying new hair products or getting hair extensions.

Use Volumizing Hair Products

Tony Odisho’s Ostia Collection has several products that can significantly increase your hair’s volume. There’s the Volumizer Shampoo and Volumizer Conditioner, as well as the Volumizing Mousse and our one-of-a-kind Volumizer Root Lifter. All of the products are sulfate-free and color safe, so you can make your hair look full and luscious without damaging your color (or your hair extensions, for that matter)!

Having thin or thinning hair can be stressful and demoralizing, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many options to help boost your volume and your confidence in a fairly short amount of time. So don’t let yourself suffer any longer, use these easy methods to treat thinning hair and give you a fuller life!

What attracted you to a career as a stylist?

I just knew I loved the whole idea of runway and photo shoots and making all the glamour happen. Then as I worked through school and in my first year of working behind a chair, I fell in love with making someone feel good about themselves! 

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been behind the chair almost 8 years. 

What has your professional journey been like?

It started off slow and I was an assistant for what seemed like forever. But it all paid off in the end! I learned so much from all of my mentors and now I’m happily running my own business and educating for TO.

What is your favorite part about being a cosmetologist? 

I love the connection I have with my clients. It’s like having a really huge family!

What motivates you daily?

I have a 16 month old daughter, so she’s a huge part of my motivation. I also strive to always better myself, so I’d say education is a huge motivator too!

How do you approach creating a style for your client? 

The art of consultation is key! I never assume my client is going to want the same thing. The number one reason a client tries a new stylist is because they never suggest a change for their client or they aren’t open to something new. I always tell them what I think is best, but I love when my client likes to explore a new look.

What is your favorite service to perform?

It’s definitely either extensions or a difficult color correction, but it’s even better when you combine the two!

What are some of the reasons you offer extensions?

They’re so versatile, you can use them for nearly anything a client needs! They’re not just for people who want mermaid hair. A single pack of hair extensions can help you achieve a color goal without compromising the hair. Just a half pack can give someone with super fine hair the volume they’ve always wanted.

How have extensions impacted your business?

Insert money emoji here! Besides the money though, it’s just made me an all around better stylist.

How do you encourage your clients to take care of their hair, including their extensions?

Brush brush brush! And always use the products I suggest, the health of your hair is my number one priority!

What are some of your favorite “go-to” products?

A girl can never go wrong with the Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo, however my absolute favorite product is the Ostia Collection Volumizing Mousse.

What have you learned over the last 8 years about the industry and yourself as an artist?

 You cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes their expectations are unrealistic. That is still something that’s hard for me to deal with as a stylist. I want to give you what you want, but sometimes it takes multiple sessions, if it can be achieved at all.

What advice would you offer to new stylists entering the industry?

 You need tough skin and you cannot get discouraged easily!

hair extensions, fusion extensions, hair stylisthair extensions, fusion extensions, hair stylist

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Is anyone ever ready for summer to end? Here are Tony Odisho, we like to hold on to as much of the season as we can! Before autumn officially arrives, there’s still time give your hair a little more summer. Treat yourself to healthy hair, beautiful color and a killer style! Have you spent a lot of time in the sun? Does your hair need some restoration? Tony Odisho® Ostia® Collection Restore Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses and revives hair weakened by everyday stress.

Are you ready to let go of your sun-lightened blonde? Beautiful Blonde™ Shampoo and Conditioner will let you hang on to it a little while longer, giving your color a boost, while restoring shine and softness.

Do you want to look like you’ve just returned from a sunny day at the beach? An easy way to create a summery style is with Volumizing Root Lifter and Volumizing Mousse with Copper Styling Brushes to create waves and a wind-swept “beachy” look. It’s an easy way for your hair rebel against the end of the season.

Eventually, it will be time to embrace autumn, but for today, hang on to summer as long as you can!