Like lots of blondes and light-haired individuals, you’ve almost certainly heard of purple shampoo. But do you know how and why it works? Or how often to use it? We’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about using purple shampoo and conditioner, like our Beautiful Blonde line.

First, why purple? Purple is on the opposite end of the color wheel from yellow. This means it’s highly effective at neutralizing brassy, yellow tones in your hair, making Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner perfect for washes between salon visits! Essentially they act as a less potent toner, making hair brighter and just a bit ashier.

Now you ultimately may need to get a professional toner, but we recommend using the Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner first. It may be the bit of boost you need to get the color you want. And it’ll save quite a bit of money if that’s the case!

Who’s the best candidate for purple shampoo and conditioner, you ask? People with grey hair, natural blondes, highlights, and balayage. If your hair is chemically lightened, these are the products for you!

One word of caution: we recommend using the Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner once every three washes, depending on how often you wash your hair. Like toner, it’s best not to use it excessively. Alternate with a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner like our Restore shampoo and conditioner.

Lastly, a lot of people skip the conditioner and just use purple shampoo. This is a big mistake. When used together, Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner are able to more efficiently eliminate brassiness and brighten your hair. Though they are highly effective products on their own, you’ll get better results when using them together.

Now go forth, you beautiful blondes, with gorgeous brass-free hair! And be sure to post the results of using our Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner and social media.