Summer is about to start winding down soon, but there’s still time to try this cute summer side braid hairstyle! It’s a great way to get some of hair out of your face in this scorching hot weather, plus it looks adorable and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

This tutorial is being demonstrated on a model wearing our new Weft Extensions, which will be available for purchase this fall. We will also be offering beaded weft certification classes shortly thereafter!

Step 1 – Prep

summer side braid hairstyle tutorial, detangling spray, heat protectant

Prep the hair with your favorite styling products. We recommend 3-in-1 Mist for its detangling properties and heat protection. Flexible Hairspray will add some buildable hold for the base of the style as well.

Step 2 – Curl

summer side braid hairstyle tutorial

Curl the hair into soft waves using the Infrared Curling Iron. For this style, we removed the clamp from the iron and used it like a wand to create a looser wave.

Step 3 – Section

Part the hair on the desired side and use a clip to keep excess hair out of the way before you begin styling.

Step 4 – Braid

Begin braiding small pieces at the top of one side of the head, gathering more hair as you work your way down. Tie off with clear rubber band.

Step 5 – Widen

Pull on sides of the braid to give it a wider, fuller appearance.

Step 6 – Wrap

Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the clear rubber band and tuck the end in the band itself so that it doesn’t show.

And that’s it! You have a gorgeous summer braid hairstyle that super easy to recreate and can be worn on just about any occasion.

This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions and even bridal hair if you want! It’s ridiculously easy to recreate, but it still looks very intricate and elegant. Without further ado, here is our easy pull through braid tutorial!

Step 1 – Apply a set of Velo Extensions


This step is semi-optional. If you’re already happy with your hair’s length and fullness, you can skip it. But if your natural hair is short and fine like this model’s, Velo Extensions are a must to achieve this look.

Step 2 – Tease the hair

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

With a teasing brush, tease hair  around the crown in order to boost volume for the style.

Step 3 – Brush with a Paddle Brush

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

It’s very important to use our Mixed Bristle Paddle Brush for this step! It’s specially designed to detangle both your natural hair and extensions in order to create a seamless blend. It’s great regardless of whether or not you’re wearing extensions, though!

Step 4 – Create small half ponytail and flip it

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Leaving some face-framing pieces in front, make a tiny half ponytail (as pictured) and flip it inward.

Step 5 – Repeat step 4 several times

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial  

Continue pulling small pieces toward the back and flipping them inward, layering them up and creating a braid effect.

Step 6 – Stop about halfway down and adjust

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial  Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Once you reach the desired stopping point, finish the last half ponytail and gently pull on some pieces to widen and texturize the pull through braid.

Step 7 – Set with hairspray

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Lightly spritz some Ostia Collection Flexible Hairspray to hold the style in place.

Step 8 – Use comb to add texture

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Using a rat tail comb, comb upward at the ends to add some texture to the remaining hair.

Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Last but not least, enjoy your gorgeous pull through braid! Yes, this tutorial really is that easy. For more hairstyle ideas and tutorials, check out the rest of our blog.


If your New Year’s resolution is to workout more, welcome to the club. Also you may be wondering the best way to care for your hair extensions if you’re working out regularly. Well no worries on that front. In this post, we’ll break down what to do when working out with hair extensions!


Before you work out, secure your hair in your favorite style. Ideally a bun, ponytail or braid. Make sure it’s tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough that it doesn’t cause extra strain on your tape strips or fusion bonds. Lower hairstyles tug the least on your hair extensions.

If your workout involves swimming, wet your hair and apply conditioner to it from the mid-shaft to ends. This will protect it from getting frizzy and dried out from the chlorine.

If your workout is outdoors, apply 3-in-1 Mist to protect your natural hair and hair extensions from harmful UV rays (plus get the benefit of it being a detangler while offering added shine).

Post Workout

After you’re finished working out for the day, wash your hair with your favorite Ostia Collection shampoo and conditioner. The Ostia Collection is specially formulated to be safe on hair extensions.

If your hair is feeling a bit extra dry (if you swam in chlorinated water, for instance), use the Intense Conditioner because it doubles at a deep moisturizing hair masque. Just let it sit in your hair for 3-5 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out.

It’s truly that easy to take proper care of your hair while working out with hair extensions. So don’t let the hair care daunt you, catch up on your New Year’s resolution today!

When it comes to holiday hairstyles, there’s a lot of options out there. It can be hard to decide which look really showcases your style and personality. Well your indecisiveness ends here! We put together a list of the top 9 holiday hairstyles to try this season, curated from our very own hairstyle tutorials. Whether you try one or all of them, you can go wrong with these glamorous looks!

1. Sleek part with loose waves

tony odisho

This look comes from our NYFW Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial. It’s perfect for the holidays because it cane be dressed up or down and it is totally on trend right now. Plus it’s super easy to achieve!

2. Updo in just 5 steps

best hair extensions chicago

This chic style comes from our post: Get a Glam Holiday Hairstyle in 5 Easy Steps. It can be worn to a holiday party or even a wedding! It’s hard to go wrong with a gorgeous hairstyle like this.

3. Old Hollywood waves

tony odisho hair tutorial

This old-fashioned, yet totally classic look can be achieve using our tutorial: How to Create Old Hollywood Waves. It’s hard to go wrong with a look that is both vintage and timeless. If you want your holiday hairstyle to wow at your next party, this is the style for you!

4. Low bun updo

best hairstyles

Though this tutorial is entitled Elegant 5 Minute Updo  for Brides, it’s perfect for any special occasion! Plus it can be whipped together practically at the last minute if you nearly forgot about that holiday party you RSVPd to a month ago.

5. Trendy ponytail with a twist

holiday hairstyle, special occasion hairstyle

This Trendy Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial offers a way to class up one of the most basic hairstyles! It’s a super elegant look, perfect for those with naturally long hair or hair extensions. Plus it can be dressed up or down depending on how upscale your holiday party is.

6. Braided updo on short hair

updo tutorial for short hair

This Braided Updo Tutorial for Short Hair proves that you don’t need long locks to have an absolutely stunning updo as your holiday hairstyle! It combines Dutch and French braids to create hairstyle that can be worn by brides, wedding guests ,or even holiday party guests.

7. Unique bow hairstyle

There are few styles as adorable or as unique as this Cute & Easy Bow Hairstyle! This one is especially cute on kids, teens, and tweens during the holiday season. It’s a novelty look that will certainly delight anyone who sees it!

8. Elegant ponytail using Velo extensions

best hair extensions chicago

If you want a classic wrapped ponytail hairstyle, but simply don’t have long enough hair for it—you’re in luck. This 5 Minute Makeover Using Velo Extensions is absolutely perfect for the holidays and gives you the length you’ve been dreaming of!

9. Updo for short hair using headband hack

hairstyle tutorial step by step

All you need for this Quick Holiday Hairstyle is an Infrared Curling Iron, Flexible Hold Hairspray and a stretchy headband! It’s so easy to achieve, it’s practically fool proof. And it’s ideal if you have short hair, but don’t want to go to the salon to get an updo.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top 9 holiday hairstyles to try this season! We certainly enjoyed creating these styles and can’t wait to give you more tutorial and inspiration in 2019.

This unique updo tutorial combines French and Dutch braids to create a stunning hairstyle, perfect for brides or wedding guests! It can also be taken down during the reception for a more effortlessly glamorous look.

What you’ll need: Flexible Hold Hairspray, Infrared Curling Iron, Dry Shampoo, clips, and bobby pins.

Step 1 – Prep with hairspray

Coating the hair with Flexible Hold Hairspray will protect it against heat while offering a workable hold.

Step 2 – Curl hair

infrared curling iron

Curl the hair in sections, starting from the bottom.

Step 3 – Apply dry shampoo

dry shampoo

Apply dry shampoo at the roots and use fingers to spread through hair for added texture.

Step 4 – Braid first section


Create a dutch braid starting behind the ear and working down. Fasten at the end. Gently pull at sides to widen.

Step 5 – Braid second section

Repeat step 4 on the other side of the head.

Step 6 – Braid top section

Leaving front sections, braid the top section into a French braid.

Step 7 – Tuck the braids


Tuck the center braid and pin into place. Then bring the two side braids together. Tuck and pin them as well.

Step 8 – Braid the two front sections

bridal hairstyle 

Leaving some face-framing pieces, dutch braid each front section and gently pull apart to widen. Spray with hairspray to hold.

bridal updo updo tutorial for short hair

Now you have a gorgeous braided bridal updo for short hair! If the bride would like to transition to a more simple look after the ceremony, there’s a quick fix.

All she’ll need to do is take out all the pins and braids. Then brush out the hair. If necessary, she can curl it again for a slightly more coiffed look.

That’s it! This easy updo tutorial gives you two elegant hairstyles with just a few steps and products.

If you like to use a lot of products, it’s important to know what order to apply them in so you can maximize results. The same way you know not to put an undershirt over a sweater, you need to know what products go where on your hair! So without further ado, here’s how to layer hair products.

  1. 3-in-1 Mist

The first thing you should ever apply is 3-in-1 Mist. This is because it’s a detangler so you won’t be ripping out hair when you comb it wet. It also offers UV ray AND heat protection all while adding a natural, healthy shine to your hair. It is a must-have product, especially if you have hair extensions.

  1. Volumizer Root Lifter

Who among us doesn’t need a little boost of volume now and then? Apply the Volumizer Root Lifter at the roots while hair is still wet. This application will optimize its ability to bump up your roots, making your hair look fuller and bigger. It also has a dry shampoo formula in it, so your style will last for days!

  1. Volumizing Mousse

To get the most out of your volumizing products, you’ll need to decide if you want all over volume or just volume around your roots. If you want all over volume, apply the root lifter, then the Volumizing Mousse. If you want concentrated root volume, just use the root lifter and skip the mousse.

  1. Dry Shampoo

After you’re done blow drying your hair, apply a little Dry Shampoo at the roots. Why put it on clean hair, you ask? It helps increase your style’s longevity while adding a little more texture to your hair, making it easier to style.

  1. Smoothing Serum

Smoothing Serum is a must if you have frizzy, dry, or damaged hair. Apply it from the mid shaft to ends and let your hair benefit from its many antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This ultra-light serum will give your hair a gorgeous shine without weighing it down!

  1. Hairspray

Lastly, you’ll need your finishing product: hairspray. Flexible Hold Hairspray always comes first. It’s a heat protectant and offers a workable hold so you can continue styling after you apply it. Once you’ve achieved your desired style, set it with Strong Hold Hairspray to keep it in place all day long!

That’s everything you need to know about how to layer hair products. It’s much less daunting when you see it all laid out. So try it for yourself and reap the benefits of these vital hair care tips!

Ponytail hairstyles are far from boring when you know what to do! They can be made glamorous enough for weddings or upscale parties, so drop any ideas of them only being for workouts. If you follow these steps, you can have a trendy ponytail hairstyle that will be your go-to for the holidays!

Tools and products needed: Volume Mousse, Smooth Serum, Round Copper Brush, Infrared Curling Iron, and Flexible Hairspray.

curling iron, mousse, hairspray, round brush, smooth serum

Step 1 – Wash hair and apply mousse

On towel dried hair, apply Volume Mousse, concentrating on the roots.

Step 2 – Begin rough drying hair

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Step 3 – Apply serum

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Pump a small amount of Smooth Serum into your hands and rake through the hair to create a smooth and sleek look.

Step 4 – Finish rough drying hair

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Step 5 – Finish blowout

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Using the large Round Copper Brush, finish drying the hair.

Step 6 – Curl hair

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Using the Infrared Curling Iron, create dreadlock curls. Rake fingers through curls when finished.

Step 7 – Create half ponytail

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Pull back hair from the crown and twist around once. Then secure with rubber band.

Step 8 – Pull out to add volume

Gently pull on a couple strands on the crown in order to boost volume and add some texture.

Step 9 – Twist side piece and secure in back

Twist the side piece upward and then pin back with a bobby pin. Repeat on other side.

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Step 10 – Pull remaining hair into ponytail

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Secure with rubber band.

Step 11 – Apply hairspray

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Coat hair with Flexible Hairspray. This will create a workable hold so you can keep styling.

Step 12 – Tease it

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Tease a couple pieces of the ponytail with a rat tail comb, as needed for volume and texture.

Step 13 – Flip ponytail upward and pin

trendy ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Pinning a couple of pieces under the ponytail will lift it higher and add some more volume. Flip the hair back over and you’ve got a gorgeous, trendy ponytail hairstyle. It’s a versatile look that can been worn casually or dressed up for special occasions.

Are you bored with same old hairstyle day in and day out? Mix it up with this cute bow hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion! It’s super easy and certifiably adorable. All you need to achieve it is Tony Odisho’s Flexible Hold Hairspray and Infrared Curling Iron. Read on to see how!

First, brush out the hair completely.

Then pull back two pieces of hair and tie them together with a rubber band.


Tighten the half ponytail slightly.

Tease the half ponytail with a rat tail comb to add some volume.

Lightly coat the hair with flexible hold hairspray. It’s perfect because it offers a workable hold as well as protection against heat styling.

bow hairstyle tutorial

Pull the end of the half ponytail up to the top and tie it off.

Gently pull the loop apart into two equal-sized sections.

Pin it (as well as any stray hairs) into place with bobby pins.

Take the rest of the ponytail and pull it over the center of the two loops.


Pull on the loops to make the bow a little bigger/fuller.

Pin into place.

Use the infrared curling iron to loosely curl the remaining hair.

bow hairstyle tutorial

Rake your fingers through the curls to break them up a bit.

And that’s it! You have a cute, unique hairstyle that can be worn casually or to a special event.

tony odisho tutorial

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) showcased a lot of gorgeous hairstyles, but we noticed one common trend among them: sleek middle parts. So we decided to try out this gorgeous trend for ourselves and show you exactly how to achieve the look. So without further ado, here’s our NYFW inspired hairstyle tutorial! In this tutorial, we used a Velo but it can be done without one.

First, gather your tools. For this tutorial, we used Smoothing Serum, Flexible Hold Hairspray, a Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron, and 3-in-1 Mist.

tony odisho styling products

Put on the Velo extensions.

  nyfw inspired hairstyle

Part the hair right down the middle.

middle part

Then use a small pump of Smoothing Serum to add a sleek shine.

nyfw inspired hairstyle tutorial  middle part, nyfw inspired hairstyle

Clip up all the hair except for the front pieces.

Then secure those pieces at the base of the neck with a rubber band.


Coat the hair in a light layer of Flexible Hold Hairspray and curl it with the Infrared Curling Iron.


Brush out curls to break them up a bit.

And that’s it! A gorgeous sleek NYFW Inspired Hairstyle!

tony odisho

You can leave this as is or add a little pizzazz with a side braid.


Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band and wrap it with a piece of hair to hide it.


Gently pull on this sides of the braid to widen it.

Finish with 3-in-1 Mist for added shine and UV ray protection.

And voila! Another gorgeous NYFW inspired hairstyle! Try it yourself and let us know how it works for you.

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for ways to take better care of your hair. And as the producer of the best hair extensions in Chicago, we know a thing or two about healthy hair! Hair care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It just needs to be well thought out. So here are our 5 tips for healthier hair!

Avoid harmful ingredients

There’s a number of chemicals and additives found in common hair products that dry out, create residue on, or even damage your hair. That’s why Tony Odisho’s Ostia Collection has products that are paraben and sulfate free. It’s important really look at the ingredients you’re using on your hair because some products are designed to make your hair dependent on them. They solve a symptom, but create a longer term issue. So be sure to always use gentle hair products like those from our Ostia Collection!

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet

No matter how rushed you are, it’s never a good idea to brush your hair when it’s wet. This causes breakage, damage, and split ends. When you hair is wet, it’s much more susceptible to breakage! So if you want healthier hair, always use a gentle comb when your hair is wet. When it’s dry, you can use one of our boar bristle brushes. They’re more gentle on your hair and work well on both natural hair and hair extensions.

Limit use of heat styling tools

This is going to hurt some of you, but has to be said! Heat styling can severely dry out and damage your hair, especially if you do it on a daily basis. For healthier hair, we recommend keeping heat styling to a minimum, stretching out your hairstyle between washes by using dry shampoo. You should also always use a heat protectant when you do choose to heat style!

Don’t wash hair every day

Limiting heat styling is a lot easier when you don’t wash your hair every day! It’s also just generally a good idea to not wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. This is because you’re washing out all the sebum your scalp produces which is actually good for your hair. If you wash your hair too often, you can dry it out and cause it to be static-y as well.

Try deep conditioning from time to time

Deep conditioning your hair on a weekly or biweekly basis is a great way to get healthier hair. It’s especially important if you have hair extensions. Deep conditioning helps protect and moisturize your hair and reduce breaking and damage. Did you know that our Ostia Collection Intense Conditioner can double as a deep conditioning mask if you leave it in your hair for a few extra minutes? Now you do!

So there you have it. Our 5 tips for healthier hair will help you keep your hair longer, thicker, and better moisturized. If you have other tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments! We love to hear feedback.