Sure, dry hair sounds like more of a winter than summer problem, but hear us out! Your hair can get severely dried out from a number of different factors in the summertime. For example: sun exposure, chlorine, and even saltwater. Here’s how you can combat these and keep your hair hydrated this summer without sacrificing any fun!

Heat Style Less Often

We know how hard it can be to put down the blow dryer and curling iron, but this is important. If you can even just go a few days with your natural hair texture, it will do your hair a lot of good. If you really can’t stand how your hair looks, try some heatless hairstyles like braids or buns. The benefits to lessening heat styling are immeasurable!

Use a Heat Protectant

If you absolutely must heat style your hair, be sure to use an effective heat protectant. We recommend 3-in-1 Mist because it packs so many benefits into one bottle. Not only does it protect against heat, it also protects against UV rays and has detangling properties! It’s a must for your next beach day.

Brush Regularly

Brushing out your hair often helps distribute healthy oils from your scalp so they can moisturize your hair naturally. Be wary if you have naturally curly hair, however. If you have straight or wavy hair, this step is essential. We recommend brushing with a boar bristle paddle brush at least twice a day, especially if you have hair extensions.

Deep Condition Semi-Regularly

Deep conditioning is an easy way to rehydrate your hair quickly. However, you should make sure to check the ingredients and only use products that are free of sulfates and parabens. Sulfates and parabens actually dry out your hair and can even compromise your color! Luckily, the Hydrate Masque (formerly known as Intense Conditioner) is free of those harmful ingredients!

Drink More Water

This may seem like an odd inclusion on a list of hair tips, but it’s actually very important. If your body is hydrated, it’s easier to keep your hair hydrated. It’s really as simple as that. If you’re spending a long day out in the hot sun, be sure to fill your water bottle (or bottles) ahead of time!

Apply Smooth Serum

Smooth Serum is made with a super lightweight formula that moisturizes dried out hair without weighing it down like other hair serums. Apply it to damp hair after a shower or to dry hair as needed. It smells and feels fantastic so you’re practically guaranteed to get hooked and use it year-round!

Whatever your hair care regimen is, be sure to carve out some time and choose products specifically to keep your hair hydrated this summer. Follow these tips and you’ll have healthy, hydrated hair, no matter what the season!

If you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, then this list is for you! Don’t neglect your hair care regimen just because you’re on vacation. Now it’s more important than ever to protect your hair against harsh chemicals and sun exposure. With these essential summer hair care tips, you’ll be ready to take whatever this season throws you!

Protect Against UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause severe damage. It dries hair out, makes it frizzy, and can even fade the color. The solution to this problem is protecting your hair with the Ostia Collection 3-in-1 Mist. Not only does this one-of-a-king product protect against UV rays, it also protects against heat styling and has detangling properties. It’s an absolute must for your summer hair care routine.

Try to Go Longer Between Washes

Admittedly, washing hair less frequently is doubly difficult in the summertime, but hear us out! You can still rinse out the sweat and grease with just water. Plus using our talc-free Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo can help extend your style even longer. The reasoning behind washing hair less frequently is that it can actually be very drying, which consequently causes the scalp to over produce oil. It becomes an endless cycle of oiliness where the more you wash it, the oilier it gets!

Use Conditioner While Swimming

If you swim a lot, it’s very important to protect your hair. From the extreme drying properties of chlorine to the possibility of blonde hair turning green, you’re going to want some protection. We recommend wetting the hair and applying a generous amount of conditioner before swimming. Leave the conditioner in–don’t rinse it out before you swim. This will help protect hair from many kinds of potential damage.

Deep Condition Semi-Frequently

Another vital summer hair care tip is making sure to deep condition your hair. We recommend doing it every 1-2 weeks. The best product for this is our Hydrate Masque. It’s comprised of a unique formula that restores and maintains the health, moisture and shine of hair. Apply to wet hair from the mid shaft to ends and leave in 5+ minutes for best results.

These essential summer hair care tips are just that–essential. Don’t destroy your hair this summer, instead nourish your mane and enjoy gorgeous healthy hair, year-round!

Whether you blow dry your hair on a regular basis or just use it as a styling technique now and then, it’s important to avoid typical blow drying mistakes. A lot of people accidentally damage their hair or cause other unwanted issues, simply because they never learned how to properly blow dry their hair. These slip-ups are easily avoidable and important to understand. That’s why we came up with this list of blow drying mistakes to avoid!

Not rough drying hair

One of the biggest blow drying mistakes people make is not rough drying their hair before styling it. your hair should be about 80% dry before you even pick up your round brush. This makes it much easier to style your hair the way you want. Trying to style sopping wet hair is a waste of time and energy since it won’t cooperate until it’s mostly dry any way.

Skipping heat protectant

Heat protectant is essential  when heat styling your hair. A protectant like our 3-in-1 Mist will prevent your hair from getting dried out or damaged by heat tools. Skip it, and you’ll end up with dry, frizzy hair and split ends. Plus, the 3-in-1 mist offers UV protection so your hair won’t fade and it even works as a detangler!

Using too high of a heat setting

A lot of women use too high of a heat setting whether they’re blow drying, straightening, or curling their hair. A good rule of thumb is: the finer the hair, the lower the heat. Thick hair can take a fair amount of heat since it’s dense and doesn’t get damaged as easily. But if you use too high a heat setting on fine hair, you run the risk of drying it out or even burning it.

Always blow drying in the same direction

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually one of the big blow drying mistakes to direct your hair the same way the whole time. If you do this, your hair will end up flat and lifeless. It’s important to over direct your hair in places that you want more volume, such as on the crown. Basically just spend some time drying it in the opposite direction that you’re going to style it, to give it an extra boost.

So you see it’s easy to make these blow drying mistakes, but it’s just as easy to avoid them! If you need any other hair tips or tricks, check out the rest of our blog.


The Tony Odisho brand is always striving to make quality products to protect and stave away damage during the daily routine of drying and styling hair. It is common for women to take care of their skin with high-end products, yet often their hair is left on the wayside. Drugstore shampoos, conditioners and styling products are made with chemicals that are damaging to the hair itself, without adding the stress of blow-drying and styling tools. Below is a list of quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful:

  1. Protect your hair like your skin. Whether your hair is natural, or you have hair extensions, you must always protect your hair. Use our 3-in-1 styling mist on towel-dried hair after EVERY time you wash your hair and after swimming. The 3-in-1 product has three properties that will help maintain your hairs’ health. Formulated as a detangler, UV protector, and heat protectant, do not go anywhere without this product! The 3-in-1 is like sunscreen for your hair. Our hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, ethically sourced from two temples in India.Our Remy hair needs to be protected like your own hair because it is not treated with silicone like other brands, and also does not create its own oils like natural hair.

Did you know that even on fully overcast days, the UV rays from the sun are still coming through, causing damage to hair and skin? Why protect only your face and skin, when your hair is part of what makes you unique and beautiful? Use the specially made mixed-bristle paddle brush with the different size bores for smooth brushing that is easier on extremely sensitive wet hair.

  1. You want to hydrate your hair. Some styling products are made specifically for wet hair, dry, and both wet and dry hair. The Ostia Collection has different options for shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair hydrated depending on the type of hair you have. Everyone’s’ hair is different – you may need a heavier moister on the bottom, and a root lifter on the top. The same goes for hair extensions, because the extensions are fused with keratin to your hair below the root, they do not produce oils like your own, natural hair. It is vital to keep your extensions protected with the right products. TO’s Smoothing Serum from the Ostia Collection is a wonderful way to keep your hair hydrated, along with the right shampoo and conditioner, with a few drops of the serum on wet hair before drying.

The serum, infused with marula oil, leaves the hair smooth, yet does not leave hair greasy or sticky. It is perfect to protect the hair from damage, frizz, and flyaways whether used on towel-dried hair or dry hair for the sleekest style. Do not wash the serum from your hands! Rub the remaining serum into your cuticles and hands for beautiful hydration, again, without being greasy, or leaving behind unwanted residue.

  1. Where there is smoke, there is damage. Most styling tools have heat settings up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – that does not mean you should use the tool at that level. The thinner or finer your hair, the lower the heat. Increase heat as the thickness of your hair increases. Essentially, you want the tool to give you the results you need with the lowest heat possible. When styling your hair, our Flexible Hold hairspray is an great product that gives you heat protection, but can be brushed and curled again, or played with until you find the perfect style (then set with the Firm Hold hairspray). This extra bit of protection will help dried hair as it is being curled, along with giving hold while maintaining pliability

Our Flexible Hold hairspray is also great for our clip in hair extension system, Velo as seen here. The hairspray works to keep your style in place when wearing your Velo, or when it is stored in its specially made box.

  1. Finally, invest in good styling tools and products. Take the time to protect your hair – it really is not that much work. Use the proper products for the type of natural hair and/or the hair extensions you have. Keep the heat as low as possible, you only want to heat enough to curl or straighten without burning. Give your hair a rest from heat and styling tools. Let hair air-dry, use a serum to control frizz. Keep hair in a low pony, bun, or braid. The last part is essential when wearing hair extensions before going to sleep to avoid pulling and damage to hair and scalp.

The TO infrared curling iron is one of the best investments you can make. All of the beauty experts recommend low heat and not using heat on the same place for too long. With the advanced technology of the infrared curling iron, you can curl your hair in half the time, with less heat. This is THE perfect solution to avoid damage while giving your hair the perfect curl. The curling iron works wonders on hair extensions too. The curling iron uses the even heat of the infrared barrel to curl faster, and hold the curl longer, making it so that you do not need to repeat the curling process for 2-3 days!

  1. Tony Odisho has put in much thought when creating the Ostia Collection. With a balance of protein and moisture, it is the perfect combination to keep your natural hair, and hair extensions healthy. Tony Odisho also uses the most current technology for his infrared curling iron and styling products to achieve the ultimate look of chicness and beauty. Your stylist can only do so much to make you a more beautiful you – you have to take the steps to maintain your hair once you leave the salon.

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