The Importance of Using The Right Brush

Despite what many people think, all brushes are not created equal. It’s crucial to use the right brush. Otherwise, you could end up with damaged, broken hair. This is especially important if you have hair extensions, but applies to all hair. Here’s a quick breakdown of the importance of using the right brush.

Have you ever noticed that the brush you brought at the drug store snags and sometimes even pulls out your hair? Your daily hair care can contribute to that, but so can the brush itself. That’s why it’s vital to use a boar bristle brush with two different bristle lengths, like our paddle brush.

This brush gets straight down to your roots and starts detangling from the cuticle rather than just your hair’s ends. Better yet, it’s completely safe on hair extensions and is the preferred brush to care for them! If you’re using the right brush, your hair will detangle but also start to shine from the redistribution of your scalp’s natural oils.

In terms of styling brushes, it’s also extremely important to use a good round brush that evenly distributes your blow dryer’s heat. We recommend one of our Copper Round Brushes for this very reason. These brushes’ pure copper core retains heat and distributes it evenly for a sleek, smooth finish. Plus the long bristles and unique boar strip work in tandem to provide the perfect tension for styling. On top of all that, the tourmaline bristle are built to withstand heat and last quite awhile.

So don’t waste your time or risk damaging your hair by using just any brush! Give it the care it deserves with unique, salon quality brushes from Tony Odisho. We guarantee you’ll be amazed by your hair’s health and vibrancy after using them, whether you have extensions or wear your hair natural.

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