4 Transformations That Prove the Power of Hair Extensions

best hair extensions in chicago, power of hair extensions

At Tony Odisho, we know that the power of hair extensions lies in their versatility. They can transform women of all ages and hair types, helping them finally achieve the hair of their dreams! It never ceases to amaze people how much you can do with just a few packs of hair extensions. Whether you want boosted volume, added length, enhanced texture, or a unique color, hair extensions can help you reach your goal. And this versatility can be achieved with our Original Tape Extensions, our Fusion Extensions, and even our clip-in Velo Extensions. Take it from the producer of the best hair extensions in Chicago; extensions can amp up any look. For proof, check out these 4 transformations that prove the power of hair extensions is real and potent!

power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago


1. Length Transformation

This is the classic transformation that people picture when they think of hair extensions. They are a tried and true way to give you the princess hair you’ve always wanted, whether you need to add a couple inches or a whole foot of length. So if you’ve been pining for long locks you thought only time could bring, try Tony Odisho hair extensions!



best hair extensions in chicago, power of hair extensions

2. Volume Transformation

You can add more than just length with Tony Odisho extensions and this transformation is proof. If you enjoy having short hair, but have been longing for more volume than what teasing and hairspray can give you, you’re in luck. This transformation is a prime example of the power of hair extensions!



power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


3. Texture Transformation

If you’re tired of hair that can’t hold a curl for more than a couple hours, there’s a simple solution. Our hair extensions whether they’re tape, fusion, or clip-in are all 100% Remy hair sourced from Indian. This means all of the hair has a natural wave to it (we even offer curly hair in some lengths!). It also means that it holds curls, waves, and any type of hairstyle really well. This transformation demonstrates this perfectly.


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in Chicago


4. Color Transformation

One of the best things about hair extensions is their ability to lift and hold color. A lot of women want to try to fun, new colors but are worried about damaging their with all of the chemical processes. Thanks to the power of hair extensions, these issues can be totally avoided! When you apply the best hair extensions in Chicago (ours), the hair color possibilities are endless. This is a color transformation we particularly love!


power of hair extensions, best hair extensions in chicago



Here’s a bonus transformation that adds, volume, length, and texture! We love this vampy look that only the power of extensions could manage to make so cool!

Now you see for yourself how versatile hair extensions can be, especially if they’re made by Tony Odisho! So schedule a hair extensions consultation at a salon near you by using our convenient Salon Finder to help you choose one that has stylists certified to apply Tony Odisho hair extensions.

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