The Right Brush!

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The Right Brush Makes a Difference!

When was the last time you bought a new hair brush?  Has it been a while?  A hair brush is something we use many times a day, and it is essential to styling hair and keeping it healthy.

Get a Good Round Brush!

Straightening hair and creating volume or waves quickly and safely require even heat and a round brush with natural bristles.  There’s nothing better than the Tony Odisho Round Copper Brush.  Copper is the best heat conductor available.  In fact, it is used in the finest gourmet cookware.  The Round Copper Brush will provide even heat throughout the brush with no cold spots and the natural bristles grip hair without pulling or tearing. This is an essential tool for easy, damage-free styling.

Your Go-To Paddle Brush!

A good paddle brush is a hair care basic.  It should have a cushioned base and a mix of bristles that can grip, detangle and smooth hair.  The Tony Odisho paddle brushes work with wet and dry hair. Using a mix of rigid nylon bristles surrounded by natural boar bristles, they reduce frizz by detangling without tugging and pulling.  In addition to a large paddle brush, keep a small one in your purse and another in your gym bag.  Parents love this brush for detangling their children’s hair after swimming lessons or a day at the beach.  This will soon become your “go-to” brush.

It’s time to think about your hair brush!

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