Tony Odisho Goes to Cuba!

tony odisho hair extensions

Recently, Odisho teamed up with stylist Nick Stenson and joined Intercoiffure on a trip of a lifetime to do what they do best- transform! The duo visited Cuba to work with a selection of models at Arte y Corte, where Tony applied hair extensions and Nick styled each look for an unforgettable photo shoot series.  Arte y Corte is a cultural economic project that unites barbers, hairdressers, artists and painters. The project is supported by the Office of the City Historian of Havana.

As influential leaders in the hair industry, Intercouiffure members strive to set an example of how to use talent and influence to give back and support underprivileged communities.  During their time abroad, the group was a part of a very special Scissor Ceremony during which every stylist donated a pair of shears to the future generation of stylists in Cuba. Also, while exploring the Cuban culture, Odisho and Stenson distributed toiletries to the locals.

To learn more about  Nick Stenson and Intercoiffure, please visit the links below.

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