Tony Odisho to Unveil New Line of Extensions at America’s Beauty Show

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In March 2019, Tony Odisho will release their new Satin Tape Extensions at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. This line of extensions is made with Tony Odisho’s trademark keratin tape, but with naturally straight hair. In light of the fact that they foresee sleek hair becoming more than a trend but a staple, Tony Odisho is positive this new line of extensions will make waves in the beauty industry and general public.

Sleeker/Straighter Than Their Original Tape Extensions Line

Tony Odisho’s Original Tape Extensions have a natural wave to them that is activated after they’ve been made wet. The new Satin Tape Extensions however, are naturally straight. This means there are more options for people with different hair textures, particularly if they have naturally straight hair or always wear their hair straight. Tony Odisho will now be offering the Satin line in addition to the Original Tape Extensions.

Same Trademark Keratin Tape Technology

The Satin Tape Extensions will have the same trademark lace-infused polyflex keratin tape strips as the Original Tape Extensions. This means Tony Odisho can ensure that the extensions will last 6-8 weeks (assuming proper maintenance) and can be reapplied up to two times. It will also work in tandem with Tony Odisho’s specially formulated line of hair care products, as well as the Tape Removal Solution, the double-sided reapplication tape strips, and the single-sided tape strips.

Offered in a Wide Variety of Shades

Starting out, Tony Odisho’s Satin Tape Extensions will be offered in the following solid shades: 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, DB2, 1002, and 1004. It will also be offered in the blended shade, 12/DB2. The following Shadow Root shades will also be available: 10&20, 4&14, and 8&DB4. The entire line is exclusively available in 20” (50 cm) length. The line will eventually expand to include more shades and lengths.

Sleek Hair is Here to Stay

This new line of extensions has some serious staying power. Whether you call it glossy hair, sleek hair, or glass hair—this style is a staple in the beauty industry. Additionally, straight hair extensions are versatile and can be heat styled into numerous different looks. These extensions are sure to turn heads today and for many years to come!

Where and When to Purchase Satin Tape Extensions

Tony Odisho will be launching their Satin Tape Extensions at America’s Beauty Show. The show will take place from March 30 – April 1, 2019 at McCormick Place North in Chicago, IL. The booth number will be # 9019. The new line of extensions will also be available for purchase online and in their Chicago store, located at 5321 N Lincoln Ave.

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