Trendy Hair Colors to Try This Year

trendy hair colors, tony odisho, chicago hair products

At Tony Odisho, we always like to keep an eye on trendy hair colors. Trends can be as simple as a few choice low-lights or a full-on crayon color. However little or drastically you want to transform your hair, there are plenty of options for you! Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite trendy hair colors to try this year.

Pale Pinktrendy hair colors, tony odisho, best hair products

A soft pink that blends with blonde tones is a perfect Valentine’s Day look! It’s subtle, yet romantic and will make your eyes pop. We recommend using the Keratin Fusion Fantasy Shade Pink if you want the look with added length/volume and without the hassle of dying and/or damaging your natural hair. This jewel tone will make your hair look like pink quartz, so why not look like the gem you are!



Face-Framing Highlightstrendy hair colors, tony odisho, best hair products

A few choice face-framing highlights can do wonders to transform your look, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to achieve. A good hair stylist can use a free-hand balayage highlighting technique on your hair to make certain layers around your face pop. This a great trend to try because it’s low commitment and low effort. It’s also perfect for those who have never dyed their hair and want to try it out for the first time.




Smoky Greytrendy hair colors, tony odisho, best hair products chicago

Greys and silvers have been trendy hair colors for quite awhile now, but recently there’s been a new twist. Smoky Grey is a more subtle shade that blends well for women whose hair is just starting to grey. But you don’t have to be older to rock this trend! Smoky grey hair looks great on women of all ages! It’s sleek and cool, and it looks good on any length of hair from pixie cut to Rapunzel length (which has been on trend lately)!



Bright Coppertrendy hair colors, tony odisho, chicago hair products

This gorgeous shade is ideal for women who want to wow! We love it because of how much it stands out and creates a contrast against your skin tone. There’s a reason this has been an iconic shade for decades now. Bright copper is one of the most flattering trendy hair colors because it’s warm, yet chic at the same time. You can even use Tony Odisho Fusion or Original Tape Extensions in shade Deep Red or Deep Dark Red. To really make this shade pop, add some balayage highlights as accents. And for something really different, you can always try green colored contacts to make your eyes contrast against this shade as well!



trendy hair colors, tony odisho, best hair productsIcy Blonde

Toned icy blonde is going nowhere this year. In fact, the most popular hair colors for women who buy our extensions are the cooler blonde shades. It’s a chic color that looks great with both straight and textured hair. Want to tone your blonde hair in a hurry to get this look? Try our Ostia Collection Beautiful Blonde Shampoo and let it set in your hair for a few minutes if you want extra toning. It works well when paired with the Beautiful Blonde Conditioner.


These are our favorite trendy hair colors to try this year, but don’t let us limit you! The possibilities are endless when you have an eye for fashion and a great hair stylist. For inspiration, check out our Fusion Fantasy Shades or scroll through the #tonyodisho tag on Instagram. Soon you’ll see that perfect hair is just an appointment away!

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